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Robert Brook, MD, ScD

Robert Brook, MD, ScDRobert Brook has been called "the pre-eminent researcher and policy analyst in the world in the field of the quality of health care." He is responsible for developing most of the methodology now in use in the industrialized world to assess quality of care. His work, which includes more than 250 publications, has proven that clinical solutions, not merely changes in economic incentives, will be required to raise the quality of health service.

Dr. Brook has tackled difficult issues and produced yardsticks for measuring complicated relationships between suggested treatments and health outcomes. When he directed the Health and Quality Group for the RAND Health Insurance Experiment, he and his colleagues defined a method to assess the appropriateness of such costly and complicated procedures as carotid endarterectomy, coronary angiography, and endocopy.

Dr. Brook's research and methodological developments have enhanced and expanded efforts to understand quality medical practice worldwide. As one colleague summarized Dr. Brook's career contributions, he "has placed us in a far better position to measure quality of care, health status, and the outcomes of clinical interventions…His pioneering studies have clearly distinguished the need for a blend of economic and clinical solutions to our problems of health care delivery."