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Arthur Bushel, DDS, MPH

Arthur Bushel, DDS, MPHArthur Bushel was one of the pioneers of public health dentistry. Four years after receiving his degree in dentistry from Columbia University, he returned to pursue a degree in public health. Ultimately, he combined his knowledge of science with his appreciation for the public's health and became instrumental in the decision to add fluoride to New York City's water supply. He then had the more difficult task, using political skills and public persuasion, of carrying out the decision.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Bushel held leadership positions in the New York City and state health departments. He served as director of the bureau of dentistry for the New York City Health Department and was acting commissioner of health in 1966.

His tenure as teacher and administrator at the School assured that his perspectives on health services were shared with scores of students.

Dr. Bushel was active in professional organizations throughout his career. He led a committee to end discrimination in the dental profession and was president of the American Board of Dental Public Health.