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A Century of Saving Lives

Centennial Scholars FAQs

May I make payments on my $10,000 pledge? 

Yes.  As long as your final pledge payment is made on or before December 31, 2017, you may split your pledge into as many payments as you choose (yearly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)  NOTE: The School is not able to remind you to make payments or automatically charge your credit card monthly. It is up to the donor to remember to make his or her pledge payments on schedule.

How will the scholarships be distributed and how will the scholars be selected?

Each year, the funds raised through the Centennial Scholars campaign will be split and equally distributed to all ten academic departments and the MPH program. Departmental admissions and faculty committees will select the Centennial Scholars.  Depending on the applicant pool, at least one and up to three scholars may be named by each department and the MPH program, annually.

When will the scholarships be announced?

The first Centennial Scholars will be named in May 2017 and will matriculate the following academic year, starting in July 2017.

Will I be able to meet the scholarship recipients?

Yes!  Each May (starting May 2018), donors will be invited to the Bloomberg School campus for the Honors & Awards Ceremony and a special reception where they may meet the Centennial Scholars. 

Approximately how much will each scholar receive each year? 

The ten academic departments and the MPH program will be given $17,000/year to distribute to 1-3 Centennial Scholars. The Department admissions and faculty  committees may choose to give their entire allotment to one scholar or split it amongst multiple scholars.

What will happen if more than $1 million is raised? And if less than $1 million is raised?

If more than $1 million is raised, we will increase the amount of funding to each department. With the additional funding, we anticipate more scholars would be named each year.

If less than $1 million is raised, each department’s funding allotment will remain the same, but the duration of the Centennial Scholars program will be shortened.

Will preference be given to scholars based on merit or need?

The Centennial Scholars Fund is a merit-based scholarship fund.

May I add to my gift once I’ve made the initial $10,000 commitment?

Yes! All additional dollars raised will help us name more scholars each year. 

My workplace matches charitable contributions. May I use matching funds from my workplace to fulfill my $10,000 gift?

Yes, you may use matching funds to fulfill a $10,000 commitment to the Centennial Scholars Fund.

NOTE: It is up to the donor to file the necessary paperwork with their employer. If the employer’s matching gift policies change or the employer is unable to fulfill the matching gift request before the deadline of December 31, 2017, the donor is expected to fulfill their $10,000 commitment. 

To make a gift to support Centennial Scholars, contact Barb Verrier.