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Centennial 100 Dinners

Break the Ice with Cards For Humanity

Who knew solving the world’s problems could be this fun?

Kick off your Centennial Dinner with the Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Cards For Humanity, a friendly twist on the popular party game.


  1. Download, print, and cut out cards.
  2. Each guest draws five white cards.
  3. A player starts the game by drawing one blue card from the pile. He or she reads the sentence on the card.
  4. Each guest chooses a white card, that completes the sentence in the way he or she believes the player would complete it. Cards are placed faced down.
  5. Player reads the sentence on his or her blue card aloud, inserting the answers from each guest’s card in the blanks.
  6. Player then picks the guest’s card that best completes the sentence. Winning guest receives the player’s blue card.
  7. Each guest draws from the white pile of cards again to ensure they have five cards.
  8. The next player, to the left of the previous player, pulls a blue card from the pile. Repeat steps 4-6.
  9. The game is over when a guest holds three blue cards.

Download Cards For Humanity