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Training Programs


KL 2 Clinical Research Scholars

Predoctoral Clinical Research

Clinical Epidemiology

Cardiovascular Epidemiology

Renal Disease Epidemiology

Primary Care and Health Services   

Clinical Research and Epidemiology in Diabetes and Endocrinology


Principles of Clinical Epidemiology and Outcomes Research

Introduction to Clinical Research

Biological Basis of Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology

Advanced Topics in Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology

Introduction to Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology

Introduction to Diabetes and Obesity Epidemiology


Four Course Sequence in Epidemiologic Methods
340.601 Principles of Epidemiology (5) 
340.602 Intermediate Epidemiology (6)
340.603 Cohort Studies: Design, Analysis and Applications (4)
340.604 Design and Applications of Case-Control Studies (5)

One Introductory Survey Course
All students must complete one overview/survey course (3 credits minimum) in the chosen area of concentration and one or more overview/survey courses (for a total of 3 credits minimum) from outside the chosen area from the list of courses provided below:
340.627 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (3)
340.627 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (3, 2nd term, Summer Inst.)
330.603 Psychiatric Epidemiology (3 credits, 2nd term/Internet)
340.624 Etiology, Prevention and Control of Cancer I (3 credits, 1st & 2nd  terms)
340.607 Epidemiologic and Preventive Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease (4 credits, 3rd term)
340.616 Epidemiology of Aging (3 credits, 2nd term)
340.618 Occupational Epidemiology (4 credits, 4th term—offered every other year)
340.623 Epidemiologic And Policy Aspects Of Selected Childhood Diseases (2 credits, 4th term –offered every other year)
340.637 Environmental Epidemiology (2 credits, 3rd term—offered every other year)
380.664 Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology (4 credits, 4th term)

Four Course Sequence in Biostatistics
140.621 Statistical Methods in Public Health I (4) Lecture and Lab Sections 
140.622 Statistical Methods in Public Health II (4) Lecture and Lab Sections 
140.623 Statistical Methods in Public Health III (4) Lecture and Lab Section
140.624 Statistical Methods in Public Health IV (4) Lecture and Lab Sections

(alternatively students may choose)
 *140.651 Methods in Biostatistics I (4) Lecture and Lab Sections 140.624
 *140.652 Methods in Biostatistics II (4) Lecture and Laboratory Sections
 *140.653 Methods in Biostatistics III (4) Lecture and Laboratory Sections
 *140.654 Methods in Biostatistics IV (4) Lecture and Laboratory Sections

School-wide Requirements:
550.865 Public Health Perspectives in Research (2)
550.860 Research Ethics (1), or 306.665 Research Ethics and Integrity (3)

340.863 Doctoral Seminar in Epidemiology (2) required year 2 for doctoral students for first - third terms.
1 course in grant writing and evaluation:
340.715 Problems in the Design of Epidemiologic Studies (6) (required year 2 for doctoral students)

*Required only if taking the biostatistics methods sequence.
+Perspectives course is waived for graduates of accredited MPH programs who earned the degree within 10 years of matriculation into this doctoral program.

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