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KL 2 Clinical Research Scholars

Predoctoral Clinical Research

Clinical Epidemiology

Cardiovascular Epidemiology

Renal Disease Epidemiology

Primary Care and Health Services   

Clinical Research and Epidemiology in Diabetes and Endocrinology


Principles of Clinical Epidemiology and Outcomes Research

Introduction to Clinical Research

Biological Basis of Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology

Advanced Topics in Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology

Introduction to Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology

Introduction to Diabetes and Obesity Epidemiology

Introduction to Genetic Epidemiology (340.664)

First Term, Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30-10:20 AM;
Bloomberg School of Public Health, Room W4030

Prerequisite: College-level biology or genetics

First in a four-term series. Presents fundamental concepts and methods in genetic epidemiology. Reviews basic terminology of genetics, introduces basic principles of population genetics, and provides an overview of various genetic epidemiology study designs, covering basic analysis, inferences, plus their strengths and limitations. Presents methods for assessing familial aggregation/correlation, and covers statistical techniques for modeling inheritance of complex phenotypes on family data.

Faculty Contact: Dr. Wen Hong (Linda) Kao (410-614-0945)
Staff Contact:     Ms. Jeanne Wenger (410-955-7961)

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