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Welch Center Adopts a Family

Elisha RhodesThe Welch Center administrative group has once again committed to participating in this year’s Adopt-a-Family/Adopt-a-Senior Program. The present state of the economy makes the need for such programs especially acute. Elisha Rhodes is spearheading the effort this year and invites everyone in the Welch Center family to participate.

The family the Center has “adopted” has two young children, a boy six years old and a girl four years old. To qualify for the program, the parent or guardian is required to volunteer in some capacity at the agency or institution that has sponsored their “adoption.”

The children have each submitted a short wish list, and the details will be found below. They understand that they may not receive all items on their list and will be grateful for what they receive. If purchasing clothing, please include a gift slip just in case a size is incorrect. 

Elisha will place a box labeled Adopt a Family at the main entrance of suite 2-600 for gift drop-off. The deadline for donating gifts is Tuesday, December 13th. The administrative group will then hold a "Wrap Party" on December 16th to prepare the donated items for delivery.

Elisha and the whole administrative group thank you for your participation and generosity!

Wish Lists

Age: 6 years
Clothing size: 7
Gift ideas: Spiderman, action figures

Age: 4 years
Clothing size: 4 and 5
Gift ideas: dolls, coloring books

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