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Welch Center Authors’ Archives Article Attracts Wide Attention

The March 24, 2008 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine contains an article by several Welch Center faculty members that has already made news in the medical press. The lead author of the report “Blood Pressure Change and Risk of Hypertension Associated with Parental Hypertension” is core faculty member Dr. Nae-Yuh Wang.

In addition, coauthors Drs. J. Hunter Young, Daniel Ford, and Michael Klag and Ms. Lucy Meoni are also on the core faculty of the Welch Center. Coauthor Dr. Thomas Erlinger was a member of the Welch Center core faculty until moving out of state. All the authors also hold appointments in Hopkins GIM.

Dr. Nae-Yuh Wang

The longitudinal cohort study took a close look at data in the Johns Hopkins Precursors Study dating back to 1947 to assess the association of parental hypertension with their offsprings’ blood pressure changes and risk of hypertension across the entire adult life span. "Our findings emphasize the importance of asking patients about parental hypertension to identify those who are at high risk of developing hypertension, especially at a young age, for both population-based and individual-level interventions," the investigators conclude.

Dr. Wang has already been contacted for interviews by various reporters, and the article has already been the subject of reports in the following sources news on health and medicine:

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