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Welch Center Director in Baltimore Sun Article

Dr. Neil R. Powe, Director of the Welch Center for Prevention, Epidemiology and Clinical Research, was featured on page 2 of the Baltimore Sun on January 15, 2008. The article was titled “Many blacks remain wary of clinical trials” and reported on a study published online in the journal Medicine on Monday. The Sun’s coverage included a photograph of Dr. Powe, who was the study’s principal investigator.

The survey is believed to be the first analysis showing that an overestimation of risk of harm explains why blacks’ participation in clinical trials has for decades lagged that of whites. Powe’s research bore out anecdotal evidence that African Americans lack of participation in clinical trials is based in distrust of the doctors and medical researchers. The study found that African American men and women were only 60 percent as likely as whites to participate in a mock study to test a pill for heart disease.

The study's findings have been reported widely in the general and medical press since their publication.

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