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New HRSA Grant Awarded to Center Faculty

Congratulations to Drs. Ebony Boulware and Neil Powe, who have been awarded a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant called "Culturally sensitive behavioral interventions to enhance living kidney donation/living kidney transplantation." The new project will address ethnic and racial disparities in living kidney donation by:

1) Using focus group methodology to develop culturally sensitive educational materials for patients/families considering transplantation; and
2) Testing the effectiveness of a culturally sensitive social-worker led intervention (using established behavioral problem-solving therapeutic techniques) in enhancing rates of family communication, donor evaluations, and transplantation among 224 patients (46% ethnic minorities) with impending end-stage renal disease seen in five community or academic clinical settings using a randomized controlled trial design.

The project's consortium includes the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland and the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions (Welch Center and the Medical Surgical Transplant Services in the School of Medicine). If effective, the materials and techniques developed in the project will be disseminated in Maryland and also made available for broad use in the transplant community.

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