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Dr. WelchEstablished in 1989 through a grant from the “Health of the Public” initiative funded by the Pew and Rockefeller Foundations, the Welch Center has long been engaged in multidisciplinary research intended to strengthen the practice of medicine and improve public health. Symbolizing this combined emphasis on clinical and population-based research, the Center is named after William Henry Welch, the first and only Hopkins professor to have held the positions of Dean of the School of Medicine and Dean of the School of Public Health.

Because its work bridges the disciplines of medicine and public health, the Welch Center is strongly affiliated with both schools. The Department of Medicine and Department of Epidemiology serve as two key anchors, but Welch Center faculty have strong affiliations and collaborations with many other entities across the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. The Center has grown from six core faculty members in 1989 to 26 faculty today. Welch Center faculty members make their academic home in the Center, located at 2024 E. Monument Street, on the East Baltimore campus of the Johns Hopkins University, but remain active participants in their home departments and throughout the University.


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