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Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention:  Challenges and Successes

Webcast date: 
October 17, 2007 (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland)

Presented by:
MidAtlantic Public Health Training Center
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Laurie Schwab Zabin
Laurie Schwab Zabin, PhD
Professor, Department of Population, Reproductive and Family Health
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Pat Paluzzi
Pat Paluzzi, CNM, DrPH
President & CEO, Healthy Teen Network


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Topic 1 -  Adolescent Reproductive Health:  A Challenge to Leadership
»   Speaker 1:  Laurie Schwab Zabin, PhD
     Part 1:  Why do adolescent sexuality and childbearing test our strategic skills?
     Part 2:  Relation to social change
     Part 3: The multiple problems of adolescent pregnancy; Points of Intervention
     Part 4:  The Adolescent; why have most adolescents abstained?
     Part 5:  Program Types/Services/Life Options

(click here to download PowerPoint presentation)

Topic 2 -  Effective and Promising Programs
»   Speaker 2:  Pat Paluzzi, CNM, DrPH
     Part 1:  Programs that work
     Part 2:  Science Based Approaches, Promising Programs
     Part 3:  Resources

(click here to download PowerPoint presentation)



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