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Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit

A World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Injuries, Violence and Accident Prevention

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On October 3-7, 2016, Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit (JH-IIRU) assistant scientist, Dr. Katharine Allen, traveled to Bogotá, Colombia to attend Road Safety Week 2016. The annual one-week event was organized by the Secretariat of Mobility in Bogotá. Key events of the week included workshops led by the World Resources Institute (WRI), the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), and the National Association of City Transport Officials (NACTO); meetings to discuss various road safety topics, including speed and safer streets; and a new drink driving mass media campaign jointly launched by the city of Bogotá and Vital Strategies.

During the week, Dr. Allen attended the two-day international seminar on road safety. The seminar featured several panel sessions including: road safety policies in cities, safe mobility systems for pedestrians and urgent road safety challenges. She also participated in the BIGRS partners’ meeting on October 5. During the meeting, the partners discussed upcoming speed reduction projects along selected roads in the city and future plans for 2017.

Most of the week, Dr. Allen focused on meeting with collaborators at the Universidad de Los Andes to discuss data collection activities to support the city and BIGRS partners. 

road safety week Bogota

BIGRS partners with Secretariat of Mobility in Bogotá

On October 3-7, 2016, Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit (JH-IIRU) welcomed three collaborators from the Johns Hopkins University - Institute of Public Health Mobile Health for Child Injury Prevention in Malaysia (JHU-IKU M-CHILD) and Health, Economic and Long-term Social Impact of Injuries (HEALS) Study. 

The collaborators included Dr. Muhammad Fadhli Mohd Yusoff, co-principal investigator of the HEALS study and co-investigator of the JHU-IKU M-CHILD program; Mohamad Naim Mohamad Rasidi, environmental health officer at IKU; and Wan Shakira Rodzlan Hasani, research nurse at IKU. During their visit, the collaborators met with JH-IIRU director Dr. Adnan Hyder, associate director Dr. Abdul Bachani, and faculty members and staff.  

Malaysia Collaborator Visit Group Photo

IIRU faculty with our collaborators from Malaysia. From Left to Right: Dr. Adnan Hyder, Wan Shakira                                                                                       Rodzlan Hasani, Mohamad Naim Mohamad Rasidi, Dr. Muhammad Fadhli Mohd Yusoff and Dr. Abdul Bachani 

The goal of the visit was to discuss updates, strengths and challenges of ongoing fieldwork for both projects, plan the next year of activities for the projects, and begin data management and analysis for the HEALS study.

At the end of their visit, the collaborators presented on “Understanding long-term consequences of non-fatal injuries in Malaysia.” 

JH-IIRU is currently working with the Institute of Public Health in Malaysia to strengthen mobile health capacity to assess risks and improve prevention of child injuries in Malaysia through an innovative model of sustainable capacity development. Specifically, this program aims to: develop a m-Health tool for home risk assessment and prevention of child injuries, a key national priority in Malaysia; pilot test the tool to evaluate data quality and user operability by families; and develop a core group of researchers focused on the use and integration of mobile health for research and training in public health in Malaysia.  

JH-IIRU is also working with the Institute of Public Health in Malaysia on the Health, Economic and Long-term Social Impact of Injuries (HEALS) Study. The purpose of this study is to develop an innovative tool and data collection approaches to assess the long-term social, economic, and health consequences of traumatic injuries in a LMIC setting.

On September 28-30, 2016, JH-IIRU director, Dr. Adnan Hyder, traveled to Kigali, Rwanda to attend the second Lancet NCDI Poverty meeting. The meeting was attended by 14 global Commissioners either in-person or by teleconference and featured representation from 11 countries including Haiti, Nepal, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and more.

The purpose of the meeting was to review and discuss the goals, progress, timeline and deliverables of the global Commission.

Honorable Minister Patrick Ndimubanzi opened the meeting, followed by Commission Co-Chair, Dr. Gene Bukhman who discussed progress and the upcoming timeline for the report. Shortly after, Dr. Adnan Hyder shared updates from the injury burden and intervention work being done at the Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit.  

On the second day of the meeting, the Commission visited several sites including the Butaro Hospital and Cancer Center of Excellence, the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK), the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) and Kibungo Hospital. Commissioners also interviewed with leaders of innovative NCDI policies and programs at the national, district and community levels. 

Dr. Hyder at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali

Dr. Hyder with commissioners and community health workers at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali 

The third day of the meeting consisted of roundtable discussions, brainstorming sessions and various presentations. The day concluded with closing remarks from Dr. Jean Pierre Nyemazi, the Permanent Secretary of Health of the Republic of Rwanda. 

The next Lancet Commission meeting is planned for March 2017. 

Lancet Commission

Members of the global Commission in Rwanda

On September 18-21, 2016, 11 JH-IIRU faculty and staff members traveled to Tampere, Finland to attend the 12th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (Safety 2016). The conference brought together more than 1,000 researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and advocates in the field of injury prevention and safety from more than 100 countries.

The theme of the conference "From research to practice," encouraged the use of research data to help in the implementation of practical solutions that will increase safety and reduce injuries. Over 1,300 abstracts were submitted - traffic safety and child safety being the top themes.

The key outcome of the 12th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion was the Tampere Declaration. The Declaration identified common aims and principles on injury and violence prevention reached by participants and the representatives of WHO at the conference during the structured consultation process. 


JH-IIRU director, Dr. Adnan Hyder and associate director, Dr. Abdul Bachani speak at a session

At the conference, JH-IIRU presented on a wide range of topics including trauma care, drowning, injury prevention and more. In total, JH-IIRU participated in 6 special sessions, 7 pitch presentations, 11 oral presentations and 25 posters. In addition to presentations, JH-IIRU also had an exhibition booth.

JH-IIRU director, Dr. Adnan Hyder served as a plenary speaker for the session, “From research to implementation – building a bridge between science and practice.” He discussed how to turn evidence into practice and policy. Dr. Hyder also served as a moderator for several sessions including: “Developing and evaluating trauma care systems in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs): Experiences in Africa,” “Child and adolescent injuries in the Arab Gulf: Understanding the burden and risk factors” and “Research to practice: The global road safety program.”

In addition, JH-IIRU presented on several projects with collaborators. Dr. Abdul Bachani, associate director of JH-IIRU, presented on the Health, Economic and Long-term Social Impact of Injuries (HEALS) Study, Dr. Olakunle Alonge presented on the Saving of Lives from Drowning (SoLid) project in Bangladesh, Dr. Amber Mehmood presented on the Mhealth trauma registry in Oman, Dr. Kate Allen presented on child restraint use in the state of Qatar and Dr. Isaac Botchey presented on the efforts to improve trauma care in Kenya.

On the final day of the conference, it was announced that the 13th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (Safety 2018), will be held November 5-7, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Adnan Hyder is the Secretary of the ‘International Organization Committee’ of the conferences (chaired by Dr. Etienne Krug of WHO) and is now busy helping to prepare for Safety 2018.

To learn more about the conference, please click here.

Safety group photo

Faculty and staff at the JH-IIRU exhibition booth 

On September 6-7, 2016, Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit (JH-IIRU) faculty members including Director Dr. Adnan Hyder, Assistant Scientists, Drs. Qingfeng Li and Olakunle Alonge and Research Associate, Dr. Nino Paichadze traveled to Ethiopia to participate in a national stakeholder meeting on child injuries. The goal of the meeting was to explore and propose a package of evidence based interventions for addressing the burden due to the leading causes of unintentional injuries among children (<15 years) in Ethiopia (such as burns, drownings, road traffic injuries, falls and poisoning). 

During the first day of the meeting, JH-IIRU faculty presented on several topics including: The global burden of child injuries, need/rationale for a response, policy and programs on child injury prevention in Ethiopia and more. The second day of the meeting incorporated workshop sessions where participants worked in small groups to outline steps, implementation plans, and a research and learning agenda for integrating child injury interventions into existing child health programs in Ethiopia. The summary and main findings of the workshop were presented by Dr. Olakunle Alonge.

Meeting in Ethiopia

JH-IIRU faculty meets with representatives from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)                                                                    and the Federal Ministry of Health, Ethiopia to discuss meeting goals and objectives

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