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POSTPONED:  Johns Hopkins Summer Institute on Health Equity Research

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have made the decision to postpone until fall the Johns Hopkins Summer Institute for Health Equity Research -- a new, 2-day learning institute that the Center has worked to develop over the past six years. We are working with the Institute’s faculty to identify dates that work best for everyone in fall 2016. The course will feature medical professionals and public health researchers with substantial experience in health equity research. Course participants will have the opportunity to network with our faculty and other health equity researchers. The course primarily aims to highlight best practices in health equity research methods and key lessons from our experiences.  Thanks to all who shared their willingness and enthusiasm in helping us plan the course. 

When the date is determined for the Fall Institute on Health Equity Research, we hope you will consider registering for this course in the fall. 

Here is a link to the earlier version of the course brochure.  For further information or any questions, please contact Joy Mays ( or phone 410-614-2412.

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Two Center Articles Featured in the Latest Issue of the Journal Ethnicity and Disease

In response to a call for papers seeking research and information focused on health inequities in hypertension and other hypertension-related target organ damage and risk factors, two articles from our center were submitted and featured in the latest issue of the journal Ethnicity and Disease, an international journal on population differences in disease patterns. For more information, visit Here are the citations for the two Center papers: 

Hussain T, Franz W, Brown E, Kan A, Okoye M, Dietz K, Taylor K, Carson KA, Halbert J, Dalcin A, Anderson CA, Boonyasai RT, Albert M, Marsteller JA, Cooper LA. The Role of Care Management as a Population Health Intervention to Address Disparities and Control Hypertension: A Quasi-Experimental Observational Study. Ethn Dis. 2016 Jul 21;26(3):285-94. doi: 10.18865/ed.26.3.285

Cooper LA, Purnell TS, Ibe CA, Halbert JP, Bone LR, Carson KA, Hickman D, Simmons M, Vachon A, Robb I, Martin-Daniels M, Dietz KB, Golden SH, Crews DC, Hill-Briggs F, Marsteller JA, Boulware LE, Miller ER, Levine DM. Reaching for Health Equity and Social Justice in Baltimore: The Evolution of an Academic-Community Partnership and Conceptual Framework to Address Hypertension Disparities. Ethn Dis. 2016 Jul 21;26(3):369-78. doi: 10.18865/ed.26.3.369.

Training Advisory Committee News

The Training Advisory Committee, led by Tanjala Purnell PhD, recently met to discuss items of relevance to the Center’s Training Program. The Health Equity Research Institute’s continuing medical education (CME) course was discussed in detail, especially recruitment strategies and proposed dates for the fall. An online interest form for potential new trainees/fellows was also discussed, and fall speakers for our Health Equity Research Jam Sessions were mentioned. Lastly, there was a lively discussion of other campus training activities in which we may become involved. 

4th Annual Community Block Party on Milton and Eager Streets

On Wednesday, Rev. Debra Hickman’s non-profit community organization, Sisters Together and Reaching (STAR), hosted their 4th Annual Block Party on Milton & Eager Streets. There was live music, excellent food and many smiling people dancing in the street. Joy Mays, Joseph Landavaso and Rachel Farthing from our Center proudly participated in the event by providing educational materials and doing blood pressures screenings. Let’s congratulate Rev. Hickman and all the hard working members of STAR on a successful event! 

The Center’s Beat: Weekly Update

The Center to Eliminate Cardiovascular Health Disparities publishes a weekly E-newsletter to inform the community regarding the research and training activities that it sponsors. To read last week's newsletter, visit here.

Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The Center is supported by a 30+ member advisory board made up of representatives from community-based organizations, neighborhood associations, universities, government agencies, and patients and health professionals. Board meetings include lunch and convene every four months. Our next CAB meeting will be held in August, 2016 (date TBA) from 12-1:30 pm, at the STAR office, 901 N. Milton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205. 

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