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Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness


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General Public Health Preparedness

Disasters and Public Health: Lessons for Bioterrorism Preparedness
Examines the role that the public has played in a crisis, concluding that the population doesn't react or panic in the way that is popularly expected

Emergency Response Planning
Covers the organization of emergency response efforts on the federal, state and local levels and explains the concepts around ICS (Incidence Command Structure).

Guided Preparedness Planning for Faith-Based Organizations
Provides step-by-step instructions to assist faith-based organizations in developing a basic emergency preparedness plan.

Improving Understanding and Collaboration Among First Responders
In this unique training, three speakers (Maureen Hennessy Benson, Dave Blodgett, and Sheldon Greenberg) speak about the "institutional culture" of five responder groups: law enforcement, EMS, fire, public health, and private security in an attempt at fostering understanding among these groups.

Introduction to Public Health Preparedness and Response
Introduces participants to the key concepts associated with Public Health Preparedness and Response, and the National Incident Management System.

Introduction to Risk Communication
Examines the best practices of communicating about disasters with people

Personal Preparedness Programs
Helps learners develop a personal plan for responding to an emergency crisis

Public Health Preparedness Exercises: From Design to Evaluation
Desribes the process of creating effective preparedness exercises

Terrorism Case Studies: Baltimore City
Describes three case studies that tested Baltimore's response system to a terror activity and what lessons can be learned from them

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