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Doctoral Student Dissertation archive2008

Kristin Archer, PhD
Determinants of Referral to Physical Therapy: Influence of Patient Work Status and Surgeon Efficacy Beliefs

Renan Castillo, PhD
Modeling the Course of Disability Following Traume: Results from a Longitudinal Study of Severe Lower Extremity Injuries


Maria Bulzacchelli, PhD
An Evaluation of the Impact of OSHA's Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) Standard on Fatal Occupational Injury

Mary Thembani Glenshaw, PhD
Injuries from Building Bombings: A Comparative Study of Risk and Protective Factors in the Oklahoma City Bombing

Roni Neff, PhD
In the Wrong Place? Geographic Variation in U.S. Occupational Injury/Illness Rates

Nhan Tran, PhD
Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Intervention for Reducing Motorcycle Injuries in Malaysia

Ariel Ahart, PhD
Exploring the Response of the Health Sector to Violence Against Women in Kyrgystan


Michelle Canham Chervak, PhD
The Association of Health Risk Behaviors and Occupational Injury among U.S. Army Basic Trainees

Vanya Jones, PhD
Personal and Environmental Factors Associated with Fighting Among Early Adolescent African Americans Who Attend School and Live in a Low-Income Community

Sara Johnson, PhD
The Role Of Biobehavioral and Psychosocial Development In Adolescent Injury and Violence Prevention: Toward A Developmental Approach To Intervention

Gwendolyn Bergen, PhD
An Evaluation of the Effects of the Zero Tolerance Law on Underage Drinking and Driving Behaviors

Jennifer M. Lincoln, PhD
Fresh Seafood at a Price: Factors Associated with Surviving Commercial Fishing Vessel Sinkings in Alaska

Keshia Pollack, PhD
The Impact of Body Mass Index on Nonfatal Traumatic Occupational Injury in Hourly Manufacturing Employees

Margaret Haynes, PhD
Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Unintentional Nonfatal Injury Among the United States Active Air Force


Michael Ho, PhD
Safety Climate and Occupational Injury: An Examination of Climate Dimensions and Injury Outcomes

Swapnil P. Maniar, PhD
Examining Transitions in Weapon Carrying Behavior Among Adolescents in the United States


David Chang, PhD
Variations in Initial Hospital Treatment of Elderly and Non Elderly Trauma Patients

Allegra Namyeon Kim, PhD
Evaluation of the 1996 Maryland Gun Violence Act

Robert L. Kay Jr., PhD
Effectiveness of Residential Fire Sprinklers

Elizabeth Hooten, PhD
Fatal Occupational Injury: Evaluating Surveillance in North Carolina Using Capture-Recapture Methods


Jessica Burke, PhD
Intimate Partner Violence Among Low-Income Women: Associated Individual and Contextual Risk Factors


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Training & Education

For Melissa Spohn, the Summer Institute was the first chance to learn the science behind injury prevention. She rates the experience as one of the best continuing education opportunities she has had as a practicing public health professional. Spohn spreads the injury prevention message by integrating it throughout the health department system, helping to make her state safer.


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