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Center for Gun Policy and Research

Reducing Gun Violence in America
To order a copy of “Reducing Gun Violence in America” from JHU Press, please click here. To read the 2014 Update, please click here. More
Gun Policy Summit January 14-15, 2013
Johns Hopkins University convened more than 20 global experts on gun policy and violence to summarize relevant research and its implications for policymakers and concerned citizens. Click here for archived video of the event
The Case for Gun Policy Reforms
A synthesis of prior research and analysis conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research examines policy reforms and initiatives for reducing gun violence in the U.S. Download the Report
Legal Issues
The Center monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of major gun laws, including those related to: "Saturday night special" handguns; handgun registration and licensing; child access prevention; and minimum purchase and possession age. More
Gun Trafficking
The Center is committed to studying and reducing illegal firearm trafficking. The Center's work in this area focuses on the role of gun dealers, straw purchases, and firearm theft in the transfer of guns from legal to illegal markets. More
Keeping Guns from Youth
The Center studies policies and behaviors related to gun access and carrying among youth. Center research focuses on trends and prevention of youth homicide, suicide, violence, and unintentional injury by firearms. More
Domestic Violence
The Center studies policies and behaviors related to gun violence perpetrated by domestic violence offenders. Center research seeks to identify whether current legal practices effectively keep guns out of the hands of batterers. More


Center faculty play important roles in educating Johns Hopkins public health students who are interested in the prevention of gun violence. Courses at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health addressing gun violence prevention include: Issues in Injury and Violence Prevention, Understanding and Preventing Violence, Public Health and the LawResearch and Evaluation Methods for Health Policy, and Epidemiologic Methods in Injury and Violence Control. Center faculty also participate in training programs for students interested in violence prevention.

Graduate Seminar in Injury Research and Policy

The focus of the Graduate Seminar on Injury Research and Policy for the 1st term in 2016 will be violence prevention.  The seminars are open to all students and faculty as well as to the public. Students taking the seminar for course credit are expected to attend all seminars and participate in an end of term discussion session. To get course credit, students attend the final discussion session and at least six of the seven seminars. If you need additional information, please contact the Course Instructor, Daniel Webster at, or the Teaching Assistant, Alex McCourt at

The schedule for the 2016 1st term Graduate Seminar on Injury Research and Policy is below.

1st Term Seminar Topic: Research to Advance the Prevention of Violence

September 12, 2016

Baltimore's Underground Gun Market and Connections with Maryland Gun Laws

Daniel Webster, ScD, MPH
Cassandra Crifasi, PhD, MPH
Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research

September 19, 2016

Reducing Domestic Homicides

Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD

Anna Wolfe,
Professor of Nursing
Johns Hopkins University

September 26, 2016

What Cities Can Do to Reduce Gun Violence

Ted Alcorn
Research Director
Everytown for Gun Safety

October 3, 2016

Understanding and Addressing Psychological Trauma from Violence

Tanya Sharpe, MSW, PhD,
Associate Professor
School of Social Work, University oif Maryland, Baltimore

October 10, 2016

Reducing Urban Violence through Blight Abatement and Greening

Charles Branas, PhD,
Professor of Epidemiology and Director at Urban Health Lab
University of Pennsylvania

October 17, 2016

Promoting Police Legitimacy and Procedural Justice to Reduce Violent Crime and Enhance Police-Community Relations

Tracey Meares, JD
Professor, Yale School of Law

October 24, 2016

Formative Research and Communication Strategies to Reduce Gun Violence in Baltimore

James Evans and Annie Pruit – Illume Communications
Discussants from Safe Streets Baltimore

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