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Educational Programs

Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis Track    Seminars & Conferences    Short Courses     Core Competencies

Degree Programs

Master of Health Science (MHS)
Master of Public Health (MPH)
Master of Science (ScM)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Required Courses (Core Curriculum Plus:)

Required for all enrolled in the clinical trials concentration in addition to Epi core curriculum (credit units)

340.645        Introduction to Clinical Trials (3)
340.606        Systematic Reviews and Meta Analysis (6)
340.648        Clinical Trials Management (3)
140.642        Design of Clinical Experiments (3)
340.856        Data Management in Clinical Trials (3)
306.665        Research Ethics and Integrity:  US and International Issues (3)

140.621-4     Statistical Methods in Public Health (4) OR
140.651-4     Methods in Biostatistics (4) (or both 621-4 AND 651-4)
140.655        Analysis of Longitudinal Data (4)

Expected Attendance

Center for Clinical Trials Seminar Series
Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis Research in Progress Seminars
Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis Journal Club
Department of Epidemiology Seminar Series

Suggested Attendance

Biostatistics Seminar Series
Bioethics Institute Seminar Series

Recommended Courses:

Because of the multi-disciplinary approach, the Program provides a menu of suggested courses from which the student can choose.  Students should work with their advisors to design the most logical program to meet their specific needs. Numbers in brackets following the course title are the number of credit units offered. Int. = Internet course available.


340.660 Practical Skills in Planning, Organizing and Conducting
Clinical Research in Epidemiology (3)
1st term
340.653 Epidemiologic Inference in Outbreak Investigations (3)4th term
340.684 Pharmacoepidemiology: Drug Utilization4th term
340.717 Health Survey Research Methods (4)1st term
340.728 Advanced Methods for Design and Analysis of Cohort Studies (4)3rd term


140.630 Introduction to Data Management (3)2nd term
140.633 Biostatistics in Medical Product Regulation (2)1st term
140.664 Causal Inference in Medicine and Public Health (4)3rd term
140.641 Survival Analysis (3)3rd term
140.632 Introduction to the SAS Statistical Package (3)4th term
140.656 Multilevel Modeling (4)4th term

Clinical Investigation

390.631 Principles of Drug Development (3)1st term
390.673 Ethical & Regulatory Issues in Clinical Research (3)1st term
390.675 Outcomes and Effectiveness Research (3)3rd term
390.703 Presentation Skills (1)**4th term
390.710 Biomedical Writing I (2)**1st term
390.710 Biomedical Writing II (2)**1st term

** Open only to GTPCI students

International Health

221.616 Ethics of Public Health Practice in Developing Countries (2)4th term
221.722 Quality Assurance Management Methods for Developing Countries (4)1st term on site & online
223.705 Clinical Vaccine Trials and Good Clinical Practice (3)1st term online
223.860 Social & Behavioral Seminar (1)1st term
223.861 Social & Behavioral Seminar (1)2nd term
223.664 Design & Conduct of Community Trials (3)3rd term
223.672 Data Management Methods in Health Research Studies (5)1st term/4th term
223.705 Clinical Vaccine Trials & Good Clinical Practice (GCP) (3)1st term online/4th term online
224.690 Qualitative Research I: Theory and Methods3rd term
224.691 Qualitative Research II: Data Analysis4th term

Health Policy and Management

300.750 Teaching at the University Level (3)2nd term
305.623 Fundamentals of Clinical Preventive Medicine (3)4th term
306.663 Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Services Management (3)3rd term
317.600 Introduction to the Risk Sciences & Public Policy (3)1st term on site/3rd term online
317.605 Methods in Quantitative Risk Assessment (4)3rd term
317.615 Topics in Risk Assessment (2)4th term

Mental Health

330.621 Mixed Methods in Mental Health Services ResearchSummer

Health Behavior and Society

410.710 Concepts in Qualitative Research for Social and
Behavioral Sciences
2nd term

Regulatory Science (online)

410.649.71 Intro to Regulatory Affairs 
410.676.91 Food and Drug Law 

Institute Course Offerings in Clinical Trials

Summer Institute

340.613 Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials (3)
(alternates with 340.635)
David Shade
340.635 Clinical Trials: Issues and Controversies (2)Larry Appel
340.671 Topics in Clinical Trials Management (2)Roberta Scherer
340.674 Comparative Effectiveness Research:
Outcome Measurement (2) (2014-cancelled)
Milo Puhan
340.686 Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis (2)Tianjing Li & Kay Dickersin
340.617 Pharmacoepidemiology (2)Sheila Weiss Smith
(140.885) Non-Inferiority & Equivalence Clinical Trials (2)
(alternates with 140.633) (2014-cancelled)
Simon Day and Mary Foulkes
140.633 Biostatistics in Medical Product Regulation (2)
(alternates with Non-inferiority & Equivalence Clinical Trials)
Simon Day and Mark Foulkes
340.676 Bayesian Adaptive Trials (2)Jason Connor

Required courses (on site only) by year and term:

Year 01 First Term:
340.751Epidemiologic Methods 1 (5)
Stat Methods in Public Health I (4)
140.651Methods in Biostatistics I (4)*
Public Health Perspectives on Research Pt I (4)
*(Can be waived for students with MPH)
Year 01 Third Term:
340.753Epidemiologic Methods (3)
Stat. Methods in Public Health III (4)
140.653Methods in Biostatistics III (4)*
340.856Data Management in Clinical Trials (3)
306.665Research Ethics and Integrity (3)
Year 01 Second Term:
340.752Epidemiologic Methods 2 (6)
Stat. Methods in Pub. Health II (4)
140.652Methods in Biostatistics II (4)*
340.645Introduction to Clinical Trials (3)
550.865Public Health Perspectives on Research Pt II (1)
Year 01 Fourth Term:
Methodologic Challenges in
Epidemiologic Research (5)
Statistical Methods in Public Heatlh IV (4)
140.654Methods in Biostatistics IV (4)*
340.648Clinical Trials Management (3)

* 140.651-4 can be taken in Year 02 if 140.621-4 series taken in Year 01.

Year 02 First Term:

Doctoral Seminar in Epi (2)
(2nd year PhD)



Year 02 Third Term:
140.655Analysis of Longitudinal Data (4)
140.642Design of Clinical Experiments (3)
Advanced Methods for Design and
Analysis of Cohort Studies
340.606Systematic Reviews & Meta-analysis (6)
Doctoral Seminar in Epi (2)
(2nd year PhD)
Year 02 Second Term:
340.627Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (4)
Doctoral Seminar in Epi (2)
(2nd year PhD)


Year 02 Fourth Term:
340.715Prob. in Design of Epi Studies (6)
340.720Introductory Grant Writing (2)


In addition to the coursework listed, students in the Clinical Trials area of concentration are expected to attend the first three activities (Clinical Trials Seminar Series, Journal Club, and Research in Progress) and are strongly encouraged to attend the latter three activities:

SeminarAdministrative HomeTime and PlaceContact Person
Center for Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis Seminar SeriesCenter for Clinical Trials and Evidence SynthesisFirst Wed. of each month
8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Tracie Wyman
Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis Journal ClubCenter for Clinical Trials and Evidence SynthesisThird Thurs. of eah month
12:15 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
As announced
Roberta Scherer

Lea Drye
Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis Research in ProgressCenter for Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis12:15 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
As announced
Mark Van Natta
Epidemiology Seminar SeriesEpidemiologyMon. and Fri. each weekFran Burman
Biostatistics Seminar SeriesBiostatisticsEach Weds. beginning September 13
4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Patty Hubbard
Berman Institute of Bioethics Institute Seminar SeriesBioethics InstituteEvery other MondayErin McDonald

(Days and times as of July 24, 2014)



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