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Center for a Livable Future



The Center for a Livable Future research program aims to generate a body of high-quality research on themes relevant to improving food systems, and to help build the field of researchers focused on food systems and public health. The research program supports student and faculty research throughout Johns Hopkins University.

The Center prioritizes research that is both innovative and targeted, with the aim of addressing gaps and advancing knowledge needed to improve policy and practice related to food systems.

The main components of the Center's research program include:

  • Fellowships for Johns Hopkins University doctoral students, providing funding support for education and reseach projects.
  • The Carl Taylor Research and Practice Grants program for Johns Hopkins University master's degree students.
  • Directed research projects on priority topics working involving researchers at CLF and throughout Johns Hopkins University. From 1999 to 2009, the Innovation Grants program provided funds for innovative investigator-initiated research.
  • The Aquaculture, Public Health, and the Environment Research Grant Program for full-time Johns Hopkins University faculty, fellows, and doctoral students.

The Center's research and communications teams collaborate to disseminate new information and publications resulting from funded projects to a variety of audiences, including researchers, policymakers, advocates, educators and the media.