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Center for a Livable Future


Serving as a Technical and Scientific Resource to Meatless Monday


As a key component of its Food Communities and Public Health Program, the Center provides technical assistance and serves as a science advisor to the national Meatless Monday campaign. The Center harnesses expertise from throughout JHU to conduct activities that contribute to the scientific foundation of the campaign. This includes a range of work that builds upon the Center’s comparative strengths as an interdisciplinary academic center within a school of public health, and includes: research projects, literature reviews, communication and science translation activities, educational programming, as well as outreach activities that engage selected public health and nutrition science communities.

Reducing your intake of meat and animal products, particularly from industrial sources, can help protect your health, the health of the public, and the environment. Even a small change - like cutting meat from your diet once per week, as the Meatless Monday campaign suggests - can make a difference. We've gathered just a small sample of the evidence in favor of going meatless.