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Center for a Livable Future


Our Stories

The Center for a Livable Future publishes research, sponsors events, and collaborates with partners on projects that affect local, regional and national food systems. Here is our coverage of some of our work in those areas.

Foodways with Michael Twitty
May 18, 2016

On Preventing a Post-Antibiotic Era
May 2, 2016

Biology, Not Chemistry, Will Save Our Soil
November 13, 2015

Spirited Exchange
February 27, 2015

Ricardo Salvador: Build a New Food System
December 16, 2014

Learning First-Hand about Urban Food Environments
December 10, 2014

Producer Laurie David Screens ‘Fed Up’ Movie at Bloomberg School
October 31, 2014

Now Available: Textbook on US Food System, Edited by CLF Faculty
October 9, 2014

The Spirit of Inquiry: Honoring Bob Lawrence
October 7, 2014

Bob Lawrence receives JHSPH's 2014 Heritage Award
September, 2014

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Announces CLF-Lerner Fellowship Recipients
September 2, 2014

Antibiotic Resistance and Trans-Atlantic Trade
June 4, 2014

No Distinction between Health and Sustainability
May 12, 2014

Science is Not Enough: Women Lead in Environmental Health
April 11, 2014

CLF Urges Immigration Reform to Protect Public Health and the Nation’s Food Supply
March 11, 2014

Harms and Benefits of Aquaculture
January 30, 2014

FDA's Michael Taylor on Food Safety and Supply
December 17, 2013

Meatless Monday's 10th anniversary
October 17, 2013

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Announces 16 CLF Lerner Doctoral Fellowship Awards for 2013-2014
September 3, 2013

Maryland Food System Map Receives Special Achievement Award
July 11, 2013

Mayor Rawlings-Blake, Food Depot, and Eat Right Live Well
June 13, 2013

Food and Faith Project launches Summer Camp Curriculum
April, 2013

Growing Justice in the Food System
April 30, 2013

CLF Awards Aquaculture Research Grants
March 25, 2013

CLF Announces Carl Taylor Research Grant Recipients
March 13, 2013

Food & Faith Project launches Good Food Challenge
February 24, 2013

Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America
February 18, 2013

CLF Announces New Aquaculture Research Grant Program
November 28, 2012

CLF Launches Aquaponics Project
October 5, 2012

Announcing 2012-13 CLF Predoctoral Fellows
September 6, 2012

10 Teachers Awarded Grants for Innovative Food System Projects
August 20, 2012

Food Sovereignty, Biopiracy and the Future
April 13, 2012

Will Allen: Growing Power and the Future of Food
March 9, 2012

New, Improved "Food Desert" Map
March 5, 2012

Fifty Years after Silent Spring
February 16, 2012

CLF Doctoral Fellowship Application Now Available
February 10, 2012

CLF Announces 2011-2012 Carl Taylor Research Grant Recipients
February 6, 2012

Watch CLF Director's Speech at TED Conference
January 18, 2012

Philippe Cousteau's EarthEcho International launches food-focused educational resource
November 15, 2011

The Problem of Hunger and the Right to Food
October 6, 2011

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Announces 17 Doctoral Fellowships for 2011-2012
October 6, 2011

The Problem of Hunger and the Right to Food
September 27, 2011

Carl Taylor Grant Program Now Seeking Applications
September 14, 2011

Bernard Rollin Speaks on Animal Pain
July 18, 2011

CLF Awards Carl Taylor Grants
May 12, 2011

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