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Center for a Livable Future



Through our video channels and film library, the Center for a Livable Future brings the wisdom and enthusiasm of our research to the online community. We hope you’ll discover and enjoy what we can offer through multimedia, from video footage of the prestigious advocates and luminaries in their fields who participate in Schoolwide lectures, to the off-site events engaged in by our researchers, to our education videos and webinars.


Food Frontiers
Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, created by two members of the Center’s communications team, Leo Horrigan and Michael Milli, April 2016

Out to Pasture: The Future of Farming?
CLF and Maryland Institute College of Arts (MICA), 2010

BFED, the Baltimore Food Ecology Documentary
CLF and Maryland Institute College of Arts (MICA), 2010


The Spirit of Inquiry: Honoring Bob Lawrence
October 7, 2014

We Are What We Eat…and What We Build
Richard J. Jackson, 2014

Science is Not Enough: Women Lead in Environmental Health
Robert K. Musil, 2014

Food System Thinking
Hear from our valued collaborators about what CLF's work has meant to them, 2014.

Public Health and the Global Food System: FDA's Role and Agenda
Michael Taylor, 2013

A Scientific Symposium Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Meatless Monday
October, 2013

Growing Justice in the Food System
Malik Yakini, 2013

Food Sovereignty, Biopiracy and the Future
Winona LaDuke, 2012

Greener Pastures: A Vision for Healthy Farming
Francis Thicke, 2012

Growing Power and the Future of Food
Will Allen, 2012

Watch CLF Director’s Speech at TED Conference
Bob Lawrence, 2012

The Problem of Hunger and the Right to Food
Olivier De Schutter, 2011

The Roots of Health: The Importance of an Ecological Perspective on our Food System
Charles Benbrook, 2010

Can Organic Farming Feed the World?
CLF interview with Charles Benbrook, 2010

Population Pressures and the Health of the Chesapeake Bay: Can the Relationship Sustain?  
Stan Becker, Brad Heavner , Brian Schwartz, Tom Horton, 2010.

Food Politics: Has the Food Revolution Arrived?
Marion Nestle, 2010

Agriculture, Environment and Health
Vandana Shiva, 2009.

The Male Predicament
Theo Colborn, 2008.