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Center for a Livable Future



Through the Curricula Development Project, the Center for a Livable Future joins with experts and partner organizations to produce innovative, effective and scientifically accurate teaching materials. These materials are designed to educate students at different levels about the relationships between food systems and public health, the health and environmental impacts of industrial agriculture and the importance of transitioning toward more sustainable food and agricultural systems.

Teaching the Food System

Designed for high school educators, this free, downloadable curriculum offers a range of educational materials that span issues in the U.S. food system from “field to plate”. The site includes lesson plans, a range of teaching resources and companion educational videos.

EcoHealth 101

The Center assisted in developing the “What’s Left to Eat” chapter for the online middle school curricula Ecohealth 101, Environmental Change and our Health. The chapter examines important issues regarding food production, water use, our environment and the public’s health. Many of today’s biggest challenges are highlighted through content, lesson plans and exercises.

Agriculture and Biodiversity

An online training module for the Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners (NCEP), this is a project of the American Museum of Natural History’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation.