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Tyler Smith

With the Food Production & Public Health program, Tyler investigates health risks associated with environmental and dietary exposures to animal drugs and other chemicals in the food system. He is interested in exposure and risk assessment methods and their application to policy development and evaluation. Recent projects have included a review of the toxicologic literatures for hormones approved for use in cattle and an assessment of cancer risk and burden associated with a common food additive.

Tyler currently leads many of the Center’s advocacy initiatives to limit the use of antibiotics in food animals and to increase public access to data on animal drugs, pesticides, and other food chemicals. His work includes analyzing public health impacts of public policy, developing evidence-based recommendations for policymakers, representing the Center to legislators and regulatory agencies, and translating scientific evidence for lay audiences through testimony, Capitol Hill briefings, op-eds, and other media.

Tyler enjoys traveling and working abroad—recent destinations include Ghana, Italy, and South Africa—and he is interested in how agriculture and land use influence environmental exposures and non-communicable disease risks in low- and middle-income countries. When he is not working, Tyler enjoys running and cooking Thai food.





Tyler Smith
Program Officer,

Food Production & Public Health Program

"I think one of the most important aspects of our work here at Center for a Livable Future is not just solving a problem or answering a question, but rather thinking critically about the questions we are asking in the first place. Regulatory agencies work on methods for the 'safe' use of carcinogens in food. Perhaps the better question is 'Why are we allowing any carcinogens in food and do we need to do that?'"

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