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The Center for Refugee and Disaster Relief


Publications by AMHR

The following publications  are organized according to the DIME manual developed by AMHR. The DIME manual consists of 6 modules:

Module 1: qualitative assessment

Module 2: instrument development

Module 3: prevalence studies

Module 4: Program Planning

Module 5: Intervention development

Module 6: impact assessment


Publications relating to mental health in general

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Publications relating to the qualitative assessment (module 1)

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Publications relating to the instrument development (module 2)

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Publications relating to prevalence studies (module 3)

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Publications relating to program planning (module 4)

Publications relating to intervention development (module 5)

Kaysen D, Lindgren K, Zangana GA, Murray L, Bass J, Bolton P. Adaptation of Cognitive Processing Therapy for Treatment of Torture Victims: Experience in Kurdistan, Iraq. 2011 Nov; Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy.

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Publications relating to impact assessment (module 6):

Bass J, Neugebauer R, Clougherty KF, Verdeli H, Wickramaratne P, Ndogoni L, Speelman L, Weissman M, Bolton P. Group interpersonal psychotherapy for depression in rural Uganda: 6-month outcomes: randomised controlled trial. Br J Psychiatry. 2006 Jun;188:567-73.

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