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The Center for Refugee and Disaster Relief



The mission of CRDR is to build capacity to meet the needs of refugees, displaced persons, and persons affected by natural and manmade disasters.

To accomplish its mission, CRDR partners with non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, national governments and their agencies, and international agencies.

CRDR works with its partners to develop and coordinate on-the-ground responses to current disasters and to put in place systems to meet future disasters. Programs are designed to:

  • Assess health care needs in populations affected by disaster
  • Design and implement research to monitor and evaluate crises preparedness and response
  • Set up systems to monitor current relief efforts and health care
  • Assist in developing and implementing health care systems and emergency preparedness plans
  • Provide training to medical, nursing and community health workers, with a focus on delivery of emergency and public health care
  • Provide direct health care services in emergency settings

How can you request a consultation?
Please email your name, organization name, phone, fax, and a brief description of your consulting needs to Brandon Howard, Communications & Marketing Manager, and we will contact you to set up a consultation.


Examples of Partnerships

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Mercy Corps
Post- Tsunami Research & Technical Support

Crises Health Initiative

World Vision
Children in Crisis

US Institute of Peace
North Korean Refugee Research

American Red Cross
Children Survival Project

International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent 
The Johns Hopkins and Red Cross Red Crescent Public Health Guide in Emergencies 

International Committee of the Red Cross
HELP Course Initiative

Future Generations
Contract for Nutritional Assessment East Sudan

Samaritan’s Purse (SP)
Beja Nutrition Assessment
Met Approach (Mobilizing, Equipping, and Training) for Primary Behavior Change in Youth

International Rescue Committee
Gender-based Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

International Catholic Migration Commission
Addressing Psychosocial Problems Resulting from the Conflict in Ache, Indonesia

Heartland Alliance
Community Mental Health in Kurdistan

Save the Children
Rebuilding Lives Project

Porter’s Progress
Child Porters in Nepal

Labor Rights Promotion Network
Migrant Workers

Maiti Nepal
Prevention and Rehabilitation Program

International Government Agencies (IGOs)

World Health Organization
Disaster Public Health Pre-deployment Training Programs

Iraqi Refugees in Jordan
Training Nurses in Somalia

Core Group Polio Partners Project 
Refugee Camps Assessments
**NEW** Victims of Torture Fund

Mellon Foundation
Refugee & Disaster Surveys

Academic Institutions

Columbia University
Post- Earthquake Assessment in Peru

Makerere Univeristy
Leadership Initiative for Public Health in East Africa
Disaster Training Programs

Tulane University
Children in Crisis

Boston University’s  Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights
Problems Facing Torture Survivors Living in the United States

National Governments

Afghanistan, Ministry of Public Health
Heath Survey
Capacity Building

Tanzania, Prime Minister’s Office
National Disaster Response


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