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The Center for Refugee and Disaster Relief


Training and Education:  On-Campus Courses

Humanitarian Assistance/ Health and Human Rights Concentration The MPH concentration in Humanitarian Assistance/Health and Human Rights focuses on protection, assistance and advocacy for vulnerable populations worldwide. The following classes are included in the concentration:

  • Assessing Epidemiologic Impact of HR Violations (Beyrer)
  • Children in Crisis (Wissow, Burnham, Ruff)
  • Food, Nutrition, and Livelihoods (Doocy)
  • Health Advocacy (Hearne)
  • Health Information Systems (Weiss)
  • International Political Science for PH Practitioners (Burnham)
  • Introduction to Humanitarian Emergencies (Burnham)
  • Introduction to International Health (Tielsch)
  • Managing NGOs in the Health Sector (Wall)
  • Maternal Mortality Reduction in Dev Countries (Stanton)
  • Measurement Methods in Emergencies (Robinson)
  • Politics of Health Policy (Navarro)
  • Project Development for PHC in Dev. Countries (Burnham)
  • Public Health and the Law (Teret)
  • Public Health Issues in Disasters (Kirsch, Wall)
  • Refugee Health Care (Burnham)
  • Research Ethics and Integrity (Kass)
  • Research Methods in HA/HHR (Lawrence, Robinson)
  • Seminar in Health and Human Rights (Lawrence)
  • Stress Management for Relief Workers (Everly)
  • Water and Sanitation in Complex Emergencies (Roberts)

Certificate Program Courses  The certificate program recognizes the commitment to human rights as a critical component of the health of populations. The program seeks to increase understanding among public health professionals regarding their role in promoting human rights; familiarize them with international human rights standards, especially those related to the health of populations and individuals; and develop their skills in investigating, analyzing, and documenting human rights abuses as they relate to health and public health practice.  The following classes are included in the certificate program:

  • Advanced Seminar in Social Epidemiology (Glass)
  • Assessing Epidemiological Impact of Human Rights (Beyrer)
  • Ethical Issues in Public Health (Faden)
  • Ethics of Public Health Practice in Developing Countries (Hyder) 
  • Health, Poverty, and Public Policy in the U.S (Ensminger)
  • Human Rights for Public Health Practitioners (Gostin)
  • Politics of Health Policy (Navarro)
  • Public Health and the Law (Teret)
  • Refugee Health Care (Burnham)
  • Research Ethics and Integrity: U.S. and International Issues (Kass)
  • Research Methods in Health and Human (Lawrence, Robinson)
  • Seminar in Health Disparities (LaVeist)
  • Seminar in Health, Human Rights and Vulnerable Populations (Lawrence)
  • Special Topics in Health and Human Rights, Security vs. Civil Liberties in a Time of Bioterrorism (Lawrence)
  • Special Topics in Health and Human Rights: Public Health Implications of Health as a Human Right (Lawrence)
  • The Political Economy of Social Inequalities and Its Consequences for Health and Quality of Life (Navarro)

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