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Evidence review on LGBT issues
Recruitment, Conversion Therapy, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

April 2014

MYANMAR: Improving maternal and childcare in the east
October 17, 2011
IRIN Humanitarian News and Analysis

How Human Rights Violations Undermine Medical Professionalism
August 8, 2011

OSI Blog, Leonard S. Rubenstein
Mr. Rubenstein discusses how state-sponsored violations of human rights can undermine medical professionalism in day-to-day clinical practice.  The commentary also considers how restrictions on training can violate human rights and compromise professionalism and the responsibilities of organizations and medical professionals.

Decision rendered on the Prostitution Pledge
July 29th, 2011
PLoS Guest Blogger, Nicole Masenior and Chris Beyrer
Update on the “The US Anti-Prostitution Pledge: First Amendment Challenges and Public Health Priorities,”  the legal case of  non-governmental organizations who had challenged the Bush Administration on a policy requirement for grantees receiving funds through the United States to adopt policies opposing sex trafficking and prostitution. 

Burma’s health woes traversing borders
January 28, 2011
The Democratic Voice of Burma
Interview with Dr. Suwanvanichkij

Chris Beyrer Named to PEPFAR Scientific Advisory Board
January 18, 2011
JHSPH Magazine
Dr. Beyrer has been appointed to the newly established Scientific Advisory Board for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief that will advise Ambassador Eric Goosby, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator for the Department of State, on developments in HIV/AIDS research in an effort to maximize PEPFAR’s scientific contributions.

Human rights in HIV: The protection of human rights is key in the efforts to control the HIV epidemic
January 9, 2011
The Star, online
Dr. Beyrer and the authors of the Lancet Series on HIV, and People Who Use Drugs provide training for stakeholders and providers in Malaysia

Turning to AIDS' Other Victims
Fall 2010
JHSPH Magazine, Jackie Powder
Epidemiology of HIV epidemic among people who inject drugs and Dr. Beyrer's work with the Lancet to bring this issue back to the research agenda

Do No Harm
June 26, 2010

NY Times
Editorial to support accountability of physicians who torture

UNESCO board meets to reconsider controversial ‘dictator prize’
June 15, 2010
by R. Palmer with comments from Dr. Beyrer
Spoonfull of Medicine

No Country of Our Own
Dr. Voravit Suwanvanichkij
March 26, 2010
Radio Free Asia

Doctors Without Morals
Len Rubenstein
February 28, 2010
New York Times

For Choo, it's all work and no play
December 21, 2009
Bangkok Post

Undermining Afghan Health Care
Len Rubenstein
November 29, 2009
Washington Post

How Far Should Torture Inquiry Go?
Len Rubenstein
August 26, 2009
New York Times

Regime blocked aid to Burma
February 27, 2009

The Guardian

New report? slams junta
February 27, 2009


Burma blocked aid supplies? - report
February 27, 2009
Irish Times

Burma's Man-made Suffering
February 9, 2009

An Unlikely Champion
January 14, 2009

In Zimbabwe, the Cancer called Mugabe
January 8, 2009
Washington Post

Helping the hidden community of HIV
August 20, 2008

AOSI v USAID: Challenging Global AIDS Funding Restrictions
August 8, 2008
Brennan Center for Justice) Read an update on the case.

Dramatic Rise in HIV Infection Reported Among Men who have Sex with Men
August 8, 2008
Voice of America

Global AIDS prevention give short shrift to gays???
August?9, 2008
Associated Press

Early Lessons Forgotten, AIDS Conference Told
August?7, 2008
Washington Post?

Throwing money at HIV has left many men at grave risk
August 6, 2008
Sydney Morning Herald?

Living Classrooms
Special Issue, 2008
Johns Hopkins Public Health

The Politics of Sex
Special Issue, 2008
Johns Hopkins Public Health

What Does Human Rights Have to do with Sex?
Special Issue, 2008
Editorial, Johns Hopkins Public Health

Saving Lives?in the Jungle of?Death
February 4, 2008
Men's Health

Aid and Sanctions in Burma
June 16, 2007
Editorial, The?Boston Globe

... And in Another, AIDS in Retreat
August 12, 2006
Editorial, The New York Times

Struggle Against Disease is a Fight for Human Rights
April 23, 2006
Baltimore Sun

Women's Health Collateral Damage. Why can't we prevent more childbirth deaths? Blame abortion politics
June 4, 2006
San Francisco Chronicle

In the News...

Just Released: Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition’s 3rd annual report: No Protection, No Respect. The report details attacks on health care facilities, infrastructure, workers, and patients during 2015 and the first quarter of 2016.
Congratulations! Director Chris Beyrer to be installed as first Desmond M Tutu Professor of Public Health and  Human Rights.
News: African academinc challenge homophibic laws. Read here.
Listen! CPHHR Director Chris Beyrer discusses the AIDS Pandemic on Minnesota Public Radio.
New Publication: Sexual violence against female sex workers in the Gambia
Just Released! New JAIDS Special Issue: HIV Risks and Vulnerabilities Among Key Populations in West and Central Africa - Evidence to Inform HIV Prevention, Treatment, and Care
Join Us: March 31 4-5:30pm in Sheldon Hall for 'Health Transitions in Myanmar: 2015'
New Report: Syrian Medical Voices from the Ground: The Ordeal of Syria’s Healthcare Professionals.
Free: Editors of The Lancet have identified important articles from their respective journals to highlight World AIDS Day. They're freely available Dec. 1-31, including the Series on HIV and Sex Work.
Hot News! CPHHR Director Chris Beyrer has been appointed to the UNAIDS Scientific Experts Panel and is a newly elected member of the Institute of Medicine.
Just Released! The Lancet Series on HIV and Sex Work was recently released at AIDS 2014 in Melbourne. Congratulations to the team on an incredible Series!
New publication: MSM in Malawi: a qualitative assessment of health seeking and provision practices
New Publication: GBV in Conflict: Displaced Women in Colombia
Article: Sex Work Criminilization and HIV - Facing Reality
AIDS 2014: The 20th International AIDS Conference is fast approaching! The newly released destination guide is a great resource for LGBT attendees.
Just released! On the frontline of eastern Burma’s chronic conflict - Listening to the voices of local health workers in Social Science and Medicine. Full article.
New Report: The full report from the conference on the protection of health workers, patients and facilities in times of violence is now available.
Post-Doc Position: The CPHHR is looking for a post-doctoral research fellow to conduct analysis of quantitative data from studies with MSM in several settings. Details and application instructions.
Call to Action: Len Rubenstein recently convened a group of experts to address the issue of protection of health workers, patients and facilities in times of conflict. The Call to Action is available here.
Tribute: Please visit the IAS website for a tribute to Nelson Mandela, as well as links to his AIDS conference speeches.
New Reports: OSF profiles 11 access to justice projects in their new report Bringing Justice to Health. Read.
Just out: The Task Force on Preserving Medical Professionalism has found that since 9/11/2001, the DoD and CIA have involved U.S. military and intelligence agency health staff in activities that inflicted severe harm on detainees in U.S. custody. Read.
New Reports! Meeting the HIV-related needs of gay men, other MSM and Transgendered persons worldwide. Read.
Just Released: 'A Human Rights Approach to Heath and Conflict' by Center faculty Katherine Footer and Len Rubenstein. Read.
New Report: Center faculty have just published a new report 'Social and Structural Risks for HIV among migrant and immigrant MSM in Moscow." Read.
Just Released: Turning surveillance into support for MSM in Africa. Read.
HOT NEWS! The US Supreme Court ruled that Groups receiving federal money to combat AIDS abroad may not be required to adopt policies opposing prostitution. Read the full article here.
New Report: A new project lead by Dr. Stef Baral highlights HIV risk among MSM in Malawi and the discusses the need for data. Read.

New! Center faculty have published a new article"Modified social ecological model: a tool to guide the assessment of the risks and risk contexts of HIV epidemics" available here.

Read! Center faculty have published a new article 'Modeling the impact of HIV prevention and treatment for MSM on HIV trajectories in LMICs. Read.
Exclusive: The AMA has written to Secretary of Defense Hagel concerning allegations that detainees on hunger strike are being force-fed with assistance from physicians. Click here to view the letter.
Just out! Center faculty member Len Rubenstein published an article in Foreign Affairs describing issues of compromised medical care in conflict zones.
Hot News! The Huffington Post released an article on a recently published study on HIV among transgendered women, led by Center Faculty member Stefan Baral. Read.
New! The NYTimes published a letter comcerning a recent piece on attacks on Syrian doctors, written by Center faculty member Len Rubenstein. Read.
Update: HIV among MSM examined at CROI 2013. Read.
New! Click here for video of the CROI 2013 Plenary 'The Global HIV MSM Epidemic: Time to Act', by Center Director Chris Beyrer.
Hot Topic: The Center recently hosted the film "Beneath the Blindfold", which reveals the reality of life after torture. This informative documentary follows the lives of four torture survivors as they build new lives, careers and relationships. Please visit the website for more information.
Just Released! The eBriefing for the NYAS/CPHHR event 'New Paradigms of Risk and Protection: Understanding the HIV Epidemics among Gay and Bisexual Men' is now available on the NYAS website. Congratulations to everyone who worked together and made this event a tremendous success!
Congratulations! Gift Trapence attended the LGBT Human Rights Defenders event at the UN in NYC with Secretary General Ban Kyi-Moon, Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Ricky Martin as a leader in the fight against homophobia. Congratulations on this incredible honor!
Just Released: 'Free and Equal', a booklet published by the UN human rights office describes sexual orientation and gender identity in international human rights law. Read.
New Report: 'Impact of Maternal Depressive Symptoms on Growth of Preschool- and School-Aged Children', just published in Pediatrics, found that Maternal depressive symptoms during infancy may affect physical growth in early childhood. Congratulations to the Center's Pam Surkan and team on this interesting article. Read. Article.
Hot News! Burma's Daw Aung San Suu Kyi spoke via video to the International HIV/AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. on Thursday about ending the stigma experienced by many HIV/AIDS patients. Read. 
New Video! Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi accepts Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway. Watch Video.

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