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Center for Law and the Public’s Health

About the Center

The Johns Hopkins Center for Law and the Public’s Health enhances the effectiveness and visibility of law as a tool to protect and promote the public’s health. Center faculty explore innovative uses of the law and conduct legal and empirical research in diverse areas related to public health, often working closely with policymakers and public health practitioners.

The Center also engages in education, training, collaboration, dissemination of information and the translation of research findings, and serves as a resource for practical and scholarly information about public health law.

In The News

JHSPH Clinic for Public Health Law & Policy Presents New Perspective on Lethal Injection Process and Calls Upon States to Cease Experimenting with Lethal Injection Drugs

Clinic Students Look at Food Products Containing Added Caffeine

Clinic Students Win MPH Practicum Recognition Award

Clinic Students Submit Recommendations on Sodium Reduction to Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Maryland’s Secretary for Health and Mental Hygiene

Center faculty receive grant to assess influence of laws on the public health workforce's willingness to respond in emergencies

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Honors Stephen Teret

Center faculty member Lainie Rutkow receives NSF grant to study critical infrastructure and public policy

News ArchiveState Departments of Corrections Are Violating
FDA’s Investigational New Drug Regulations By
Experimenting With Lethal Injection Drugs


Selected Research Topics

The Center empirically evaluates and analyzes the effects of public health laws. In addition, the Center analyzes emerging and innovative uses of law to protect the public's health.
The Center pioneered the concept that litigation can serve as a tool to protect and promote the public's health, with a focus on areas that include motor vehicle safety, alcohol policy and consumer protection.
The Center analyzes obesity and food policy issues, such as the use of zoning to prevent obesity and legal concerns related to food labeling.
The Center studies policies and laws related to vaccines. Center research focuses on vaccine injury compensation, health care worker immunizations and childhood immunization requirements.
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