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Center for Human Nutrition


Ann Klassen

Academic Degrees
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, 1991, BA Oberlin College, 1978
Departmental Affiliation
Health, Behavior and Society
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Joint Departmental Affiliations
Departmental Address
624 N Broadway, Room 298
Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone: 410 955 2218
Fax: 410 955 7241
Research and Professional Experience

My research interests are in the social and psychological influences on inequitable distribution of medical care and related health outcomes. My work uses a social perspective to examine the differences in experience of disease and illness, and to identify components of individual experiences which are tied to broader social explanations and influences. This perspective is then applied to specific questions of disease outcomes and treatment access.

My primary focus has been in the area of cancer control, and spans the continuum of cancer control from primary prevention interventions to promote dietary change, to screening for early detection of breast, cervical, and oral cancers, to access to treatment, comorbidity and survival outcomes. This work synthesizes the influences of ethnic, social and geographic context, organizational behavior and policy, physician behavior, and individual patient behaviors.

Other research in chronic organ failure and transplantion, HIV/AIDS, and immunization also examines social and behavioral influences on disparities.


  • Cancer prevention and control
  • preventive screening
  • women's health
  • diet and health
  • transplantation
  • organ procurement
  • minority health
  • access to care
  • GIS
  • spatial statistics
  • multilevel influences
  • geodemographics

Honors and Awards

Delta Omega, National Public Health Honor Society, 2001.

Ho-Ching Yang Memorial Faculty Award, 1999.

Selected Publications

Klassen AC, Platz EA. What Can Geography Tell Us About Prostate Cancer? (Invited for Special Issue on GIS and Prostate Cancer, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 9/2005).

Klassen AC, Curriero F, Kulldorff M, Alberg AJ, Platz EA, Neloms S. Missing Stage and Grade in Maryland Prostate Cancer Surveillance Data, 1992-1997. (Invited for Special Issue on GIS and Prostate Cancer, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 9/2005).

Klassen AC, Curriero FC, Hong JH, Williams C, Kulldorff M, Meissner HI, Ensminger ME. The Role of Area Level Influences on Prostate Cancer Grade and Stage at Diagnosis. Prev Med 39 (3):441-8, 2004.

Salmon D, Moulton L, Omer SB, Chace L, Klassen AC, Talebian P, Halsey N. Immunization-Related Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs of School Nurses/Personnel and Associations with Non-Medical Exemptions. Pediatrics 113 (6):e552-9, 2004.

Trimble CL, Richards LA, Wilgus-Wegweiser B, Plowden K, Klassen AC. The Effectiveness of Screening for Cervical Cancer in an Inpatient Hospital Setting. Obstetrics and Gynecology 103 (2):2004.


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Klassen AC, Smith ALM, Zabora JZ, Curbow BA, Mandelblatt J, Meissner HI. If we Gave Away Mammograms, Who Would Get Them? A Neighborhood Evaluation of A No Cost Breast Cancer Screening Program. Preventive Medicine 34 (1), 1-9, 2002.

Antman K, Abraido-Lanza A, Blum D, ...Klassen AC, et al. Reducing Disparities in Breast Cancer Survival: A Summary of Data Presented at Columbia University and AVON Breast Care Consortium Symposium. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 75:269-280, 2002.

Reid BC, Alberg A, Klassen AC, Rozier RG, Garcia MI, Winn DM, Samet JM. A Comparison of Three Comorbidity Indices in a Head and Neck Cancer Population. Oral Oncology 38 (2): 187-194, 2002.

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Reid BC, Alberg A, Klassen AC, Samet J, Rozier G, Garcia I, Winn D. Comorbidity and Survival of Elderly Head and Neck Cancer Patients. Cancer 92 (8):2109-2116, 2001.

Reid BC, Alberg AJ, Klassen AC, Koch WM, Samet JM. The American Society of Anthesiologists' Class as a Comorbidity Index in a Head and Neck Cancer Population. Head and Neck 23 (11) 985-994, 2001.

Shankar S, Klassen AC. Influences on Fruit and Vegetable Procurement and Consumption Among Urban African-American Public Housing Residents, and Potential Strategies for Intervention. Family Economics and Nutrition Review 13 (2): 33-45, 2001.

Klassen AC, Hall AG, Bowie JV, Weisman CW. Improving Cervical Cancer Screening in Hospital Settings. Preventive Medicine 31:538-546, 2000.

Klassen AC, Klassen DK, Aronoff R, Hall A, Braslow J. Characteristics of Donor and Non-Donor Hospitals in the United States. Journal of Tranplantation Coordination 9(2): 87-96, 1999.

Klassen AC, Klassen DK, Brookmeyer R, Frank R, et al. Factors Influencing Waiting Time and Successful Receipt of Cadaveric Liver Transplant in the United States, 1990-1992. Medical Care 36(3):218-294, 1998.

Klassen AC. Claiming Power in Doctor-Patient Talk: A Review. Annals of Internal Medicine 129(11): 920,1998.

Klassen AC, Klassen, DK. Who are the Donors in Organ Donation?: The Family's Perspective in Mandated Choice. Annals of Internal Medicine 125 (1): 70-73, 1996.














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