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Center for Human Nutrition


Lawrence Cheskin

Associate Professor
Director, Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center
Academic Degrees
MD, Dartmouth Medical School, 1980
Departmental Affiliation
Health, Behavior and Society
Departmental Address
550 North Broadway, Suite 1001
Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone: 410-502-0145
Fax: 410-502-6719
Research and Professional Experience

Lawrence J. Cheskin, M.D., F.A.C.P., is Associate Professor of Health, Behavior & Society, with a joint appointment in Human Nutrition, and in Medicine at Johns Hopkins. He is also former director of the Gastroenterology Division, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Dr. Cheskin founded the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center in 1990. He is the principal investigator on several research grants and is a frequent contributor to research and popular articles on weight management.


obesity treatment, weight management, childhood obesity, gastroenterology, lifestyle and health, mHealth

Honors and Awards

F.A.C.P. (Fellow of the American College of Physicians) F.A.C.G. (Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology) National Merit Scholarship Finalist Dr. Jonas E. Salk Scholarship Certificate of Recognition, DHHS John Hartford Scholar in Geriatric Medicine Young Investigator Award, NATO-NIH Research Workshop: Obesity Treatment

Selected Publications

The Look AHEAD Research Group. Intensive lifestyle intervention improves physical function among obese adults with knee pain: Findings from the Look AHEAD trial. Obesity;19(1):83-93; 2011.PMID:20559303

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