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Clinical Decision Making
Clinical Decision Making
Prescription drugs are prescribed during clinical encounters. Thorough and effective patient-provider communication about the benefits, risks, costs and alternatives to prescription medicines is a vital part of clinical care. The Center supports research and advocacy to identify and overcome barriers to patient-provider communication to improve safe medication use and to maximize adherence.
Comparative Effectiveness
Comparative Effectiveness
For stakeholders to make informed decisions about prescription drug use, they need timely evidence about the comparative effectiveness of therapies and their alternatives, including their risks and benefits. Incomplete evidence contributes to overuse of some therapies, underuse of others and risky prescribing. The Center supports innovative research into these topics.
Global Medicines
Global Medicines
Ensuring adequate access and affordability of prescription medicines poses major and unique challenges for countries around the world. These challenges are particularly salient in emerging economies that account for an increasing proportion of the world's population and pharmaceutical expenditures. Center investigators focus on how public policy can be optimized to maximize global drug availability and access.
Medication Safety
Medication Safety
Some adverse effects of medicines only come to light after medications have been on the market and widely used. Center investigators are working to develop new methods for identifying risk, to predict the likelihood of high-risk medicines or drug combinations and to protect the public from excessive exposure to these products.
Policy Analyses
Policy Analyses
Complex and dynamic policies govern prescription drug regulation. Policymakers face the challenge of maximizing innovation while protecting public health, and developing payment policies that promote evidence-based usage. Center investigators evaluate regulatory policies to provide policymakers with information to continually optimize pharmaceutical regulation.
Prescription Abuse
Prescription Abuse
Prescription drugs provide therapeutic value to millions of Americans. At the same time, rates of prescription drug abuse and overdose deaths are skyrocketing. The annual number of fatal drug overdoses in the United States now surpasses those of motor vehicle deaths. The Center supports innovative research and public advocacy to help stem this epidemic.

Seminar Series

The Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness Seminars are held on the fourth Monday of each month from 12 to 1:15 p.m. The seminars are jointly sponsored by the Center and the Department of Pharmacy.

The seminar series is held in room E9519 of the School of Public Health's Wolfe Street Building unless otherwise noted. Lunch is provided. The seminars are open to all members of the Hopkins' community and guests.

Upcoming Seminar Series

'Safety, Value and Innovation' Series, 2016-2017.

thomas mooreThomas J. Moore*
Senior Scientist, Drug Safety and Policy
Institute for Same Medication Practices
September 22, 2016
*Room E6519

fadia shayaFadia Shaya, PhD, MPH
Professor and Vice-Chair for Academic Affairs
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
November 14, 2016


bimal shahBimal Shah, MD
Vice President
Premier Research Services
Premier, Inc
December 12, 2016


harold pollackHarold Pollack, PhD
Helen Ross Professor
The University of Chicago
School of Social Service Administration
January 23, 2017

sonia hernandez diazSonia Hernandez-Diaz, DrPH, MD
Professor of Epidemiology
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
February 13, 2017


rita redbergRita Redberg, MD, FACC, MSc
JAMA Internal Medicine
Profesor of Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
March 1, 2017

john jackson

John Jackson, ScD
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
March 13, 2017


frank weicholdFrank Weichold, MD
Director, Office of the Critical Path and Regulatory Science Initiatives
Food and Drug Administration
April 10, 2017

julie m donohue

Julie Marie Donohue, PhD
Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management
University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health
May 8, 2017



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