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MPH Practicum 

The intent of the practicum requirement is to engage students in activities aligned with their career goals, as well as activities that demonstrate application of public health concepts and critical thinking relevant to the student’s area of interest.  Students will seek out activities that further develop their skill set and add new tools to their professional toolkit.  Upon completion of the MPH program, students will be able to provide evidence of application of these skills to potential employers.

The MPH practicum is required for all full-time and part-time MPH, PhD, DrPH, and MSPH students. The student will spend 100 hours applying public health skills and competencies relevant to the student's area of interest. Students must consider the needs of his or her organization and how a project could fulfill that need. The best projects are well-defined, specific and can be compelted in a specified time period. The practicum can be a component of a course or an independent special studies practicum. 

Organizations that qualify to host a student are local and state public health agencies, community-based operations, international non-governmental agencies and organizations, and centers within JHSPH. 


The Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness has compiled a guidance document that includes a list of experts throughout industry, government and other professional sectors that are willing to work with students to develop practicum projects. For more information about requirements and procedures, please visit the Office of Public Health Practice & Training's main pracitcum website

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