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Debra Roter

Department of Health, Behavior and Society

stuartDebra Roter is a Johns Hopkins University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Health, Behavior and Society at the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Schools of Medicine and Nursing.  She received her doctorate from Johns Hopkins in 1977 and has been on the faculty since 1979.

Dr. Roter has been recognized by the Web of Science since 1989 as among the most highly cited authors in the social sciences and is the recipient of a number of awards recognizing outstanding contribution to fields of Health Education and Health Care Communication and excellence in teaching.

For the past three decades, Dr. Roter's research has focused on the study of patient-clinician communication and her coding method for analysis of medical dialogue, the Roter Interaction Analysis System (RIAS), has been translated into 12 languages and is the most commonly used system worldwide. Her research includes investigation of patient and physician interventions to improve the quality of communication and its positive effects on health outcomes and educational applications in the training and evaluation of teaching strategies to enhance communication skills. She has authored over 200 articles and several books in the communication domain.             

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