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Craig Hendrix

Director, Drug Development Unit
Department Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences and Epidemiology

kayDr. Hendrix is a Professor in the Department of Medicine for Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences and Epidemiology as well as the interim Director of the division of clinical pharmacology and the Director of the Johns Hopkins University Drug Development Unit.

Dr. Hendrix has many research projects he is involved with that are all focused on the topic of HIV. One out of many NIH supported projects he is working on is a “Combination HIV Antiretroviral Rectal Microbicide Program.” In this program combination antiretroviral microbicides formulated in a gel optimized as a rectal application are being used and tested as a prevention of HIV transmission caused by anal intercourse. Another NIH supported project Dr. Hendrix is working on is entitled “Exploratory pharmacokinetics of dapivirine and Tenofovir vaginal microbicide gel v film.” This project’s purpose is to develop the first combination antiretroviral vaginal microbicide formulation, in both a gel and film formulation.

Dr. Hendrix received his S.B. in applied biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received his M.D. at Georgetown University School of Medicine.

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