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Ancillary Benefits of Mass Treatment with Azithromycin
This project adds to the PRET partnership experts in fields of STD, malaria, diarrheal and ARI illnesses. As part of the larger study on use of azithromycin in trachoma endemic communities, we can efficiently nest a study of the added value of mass treatment on these other common morbidities. The study would be conducted in Kongwa, Tanzania, in four communities already censused and slated to receive mass treatment with single dose of azithromycin (Intervention communities). Four control communities would also be selected, that did not have trachoma rates high enough to warrant mass treatment with azithromycin (mass drug administration or MDA). We plan to randomly select samples of children and adults in each of the eight villages for a series of cross sectional surveys and interim, bi-weekly, surveillance for six months.

Associated Cities:

  • Kongwa, Tanzania
Associated Researchers:

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