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The Center for Adolescent Health views sharing its resources as a vital piece of its work – enhancing its ability to impact the health and well being of young people.



Adolescent Health Topics Series

Want to get the latest information on adolescent health topics? The Center is proud to present a series of fact sheets on the topics that matter the most. Click on the link to download a copy of the fact sheet.       

The Center's Guide The Teen Years Explained

To download an indexed PDF of The Teen Years Explained: A Guide to Healthy Adolescence, click here. To watch a Webinar about the Guide, click here.

The Center's Google Page

For a complete list of Center publications, projects, and presentations, go to our new Google page:

The Center's Issues Brief Series

Publications include the Issues Briefs series, highlighting Center research and projects.


(NEW!) Healthy Minds at Work brief, click here.

Youth homelessness, click here for the 1-page version and here for the 8-page version.

Young people's use of Baltimore's parks and recreation centers, click here.

Young men's health disparities in Baltimore, click here.

Mindfulness Intervention Brief, click here.

2011 Homeless and Unstably Housed Youth Parallel Count

The Center's 2011 report on the parallel count of homeless and unstably housed youth in Baltimore City is now available.

Other Center Publications/Resources

For publications regarding Maryland minor consent and care, click on these links: Maryland Minor Consent Laws, Mandated Reporting Rules, and Confidentiality Minor Consent Q&A.

To download a PDF of our popular "Teen Stress Guide," click here.

For materials associated with the Coordinated School Health Project (CSHP), a video and workshop intervention designed to improve the school health knowledge and attitudes of school-site staff and volunteers in the Baltimore City School System, click the following links for the video, the workshop booklet, and the resource list.


Adolescent Health: Teen Years

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