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Program and Medical Exam Information Phase II

For former workers who choose to have a medical exam, the exam and testing will address the possible health issues identified by Exposure Questionnaire #2 (EQ2). The EQ2 was completed during the confidential interview. Not all participants will receive all of the tests. Former workers are asked to read and sign several consent forms, medical record release forms, and a Health Information Authorization Form.    

Medical Exam

The type of exam will vary by the type of exposures that the former worker had at work. Each former worker will also get some medical tests. These tests depend on the exposures the worker had at LANL or SNL-AL. Each former worker’s exam will focus on the parts of the body that may have been affected by the types of exposures that were discussed in the exposure and medical history interview (EQ2).    

Program and Medical Exam Information Phase III

Beginning in March of 2006, the Medical Exam Program for LANL Former Workers will offer re-examinations and testing to former workers who participated in the program in the past. Only those former workers who were examined for possible health effects related to past exposures to asbestos and/or beryllium will be eligible for a re-examination. Any former worker who has not participated in the program in the past is eligible for the one-time free medical examination and testing described above. Medical Record Reviews will not be offered in Phase III of the program. Another option for former worker examinations is through the DOE National Supplemental Screening Program (NSSP) described below.

If you are interested in particiapting in the program, please call 1-877-500-8615 (toll-free) and 1-505-753-0193 (local).

DOE National Supplemental Screening Program (NSSP)

In the fall of 2005, a new DOE medical screening program called the National Supplemental Screening Program (NSSP) was established to provide services to those former workers who do not live near a medical screening site. This includes workers from a facility that does not have an established Former Worker Program, as well as those former workers from a facility that does have a Former Worker Program but who no longer live near that facility. Participants will complete an exposure and medical history questionnaire from the Former LANL Workers Medical Exam Program. We will advise the NSSP of the recommended testing that should be conducted. The former worker will then be contacted by the NSSP, and a medical screening will be scheduled at a participating clinic closest to the worker’s current address.  The NSSP will review test results, and the test results will be sent to the former worker as well as to the Former LANL Workers Medical Exam Program (if the former worker has signed a medical release form to allow this). The test results will then be included in the medical results database.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

1-877-500-8615 – Toll-Free Program Number

1-505-753-0193 – Española Program Office - e-mail address