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J.B. Grant Global Health Society

Officers & Advisors


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Meesha Sharma, President

I am a doctor from India, and have been lucky enough to have lived in four different countries and twice as many cities in the world. Apart from practicing, I worked with a healthcare technology start-up in India, addressing obesity and diabetes, and with UNICEF in Uganda on an mHealth program preventing drug stock outs. One of the best things I have done in my life is seeing wild gorillas in Uganda - up close and personal!

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Davina Sharma, Vice-President

I am a doctor from the UK, originally from Northern Ireland. I specialise in infectious diseases and internal medicine and was working for MSF before coming to Hopkins. I am excited about our society and am looking forward to a fantastic year. Other than global health, my passions are cooking, writing, cycling, learning languages and making music so don't be surprised if some of these pop in the events this year!

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Sarah Elaraby, Secretary

I am a physician from Egypt and a TA of community medicine at Alexandria School of Medicine. I have a passion for studying child mental health in low-income countries and conflict situations.


Alanna Fitzgerald-Husek, Treasurer

I am a family physician from Toronto, Canada, and am currently a Public Health and Preventive Medicine resident at the University of Toronto. I’ve been involved with several global public health projects - particularly in Namibia, which feels like a second home to me. I've also eaten some interesting local delicacies while travelling - from mopani worms to cow udder.


Jaya Gupta, Event Coordinator

I grew up and attended college in Boston, where I studied International Relations-Political Science.  I have since conducted research on innovative financing for maternal and child health as well as worked on community-based management of nutrition in rural India. A secret life goal of mine is to live all over the world and I've been fortunate to have experienced four continents already!


Kate Hayman, Event Coordinator

I am an Emergency Medicine resident from London, Ontario ("Canada's London"), and will be heading back there when I'm done. I’m interested in improving emergency care for populations in conflict and post-conflict settings. I also have two cats, Don Draper and Lily.

 Christine McKenna, Event Coordinator

Lindsay Beattie, Field Trip Coordinator

I am originally from Hagerstown, Maryland, but moved to right outside of the DC area after college for work.  My first job was working in genetics research at NIH.  Then, after working as a medical assistant for a bit, I went back to research working on ionizing radiation mitigation.  However, research was not my goal in life, which is why I am here getting an MPH in hopes to instead work on environmental sustainability, disaster preparedness, inequalities, and how they all tie in together.  A fun fact, in order to not allow everything to be all work and no play, ultimate frisbee and rock climbing are my go-to outlets.


Madeline Rooney, Field Trip Coordinator

I am from Amherst, MA and went to Vassar College for undergrad. I'm interested in social and behavioral constructs of infectious diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS, and health communication.  


Meghan Battle, Alumni Liaison

I am originally from Boston, MA but have been living in Battambang, Cambodia for the last few years, working in women's health education. I’m interested in the role social justice plays in implementing health and community development programs.


Dawn Pepin, Alumni Liaison

Born and raised in Simsbury, CT, I am a lawyer whose primary interest is in the intersection of public health, law and human rights. I lived in The Gambia while working with Tostan and have traveled to over 25 countries around the world.


Sunjae Bae, Dude Pass the Culture Coordinator

I am a physician from South Korea. It took just 15 mins for the audience of "Dude, Pass the Culture - Korea" on July 26, 2013 to learn how to read Korean. But it took me, a native speaker of Korean, a couple of years.


Barry Ladizinski, Dude Pass the Culture Coordinator

I am from Brooklyn, New York and I completed my undergraduate studies at the City College of New York. I graduated from Dartmouth Medical School and have since worked as an internal medicine resident at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and most recently completed a clinical research fellowship in cutaneous lymphomas at Duke University. I am currently an MPH/MBA candidate at Johns Hopkins University. My hobbies and interests include film, music, writing, football, podcasts, backpacking, crossword puzzles and aggressive skating.

 Rebecca Abraham, Member-At-Large
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Fidela Chiang, Webmaster/Public Affairs

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, but have been living in Chicago and Atlanta for the past nine years. I am an MSN/MPH candidate with experiences in bone marrow transplant nursing and community-based participatory research in the Dominican Republic. My love of sustainable healthcare in underserved populations grew when I served on medical teams in Argentina, China, and Peru. If the global health bug didn't bite me, I almost would have pursued a career as a pastry chef. 


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Courtland Robinson

Associate Professor, Department of International Health
Center for Global Health
Center for Refugee and Disaster Response