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Student Affairs

Activities Listserv

The Activities Listserv is for messages that students are not required to know, but may like to know.

This includes all events, speakers, seminars, etc. being held in the Bloomberg School and elsewhere within the University. This can also include grand rounds notices, seminar notices and other items that are already on the main public affairs calendar, but that a department or office wants to advertise through email.

The Activities Listserv can also include events from other campuses that are sent to us from those campuses with the intention of inviting Bloomberg School students.

This listserv should not include any items for sale or rent. Nor should it include information about students organizing study groups.


Who can send messages on jhsph.activities listserv

Types of messages that can be sent on jhsph.activities listserv

How to send messages to jhsph.activities listserv