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The Office of Public Health Practice & Training

Practicum Courses

Some courses have a real-world practice component, connecting students to outside organizations and agencies. In some cases (Baltimore Community Practicum and PHASE Internship, for example), the course is centered on a fully developed practice experience that fulfills the practicum requirement for all students who complete the course. In other cases, the course instructor may be able to connect only some of the students in the course with practicum experience, and/or may provide more limited experience that meets only a part of the total required practicum hours. Students are expected to complete the didactic course as they engage in the practicum. Course descriptions and related information for each can be found on the Practicum Opportunity Site listings or on the online course catalog. Below are links to the brief description of the practicum component of the course as well as a listing of the practicum courses.

Listing of the JHSPH Courses with an Approved Practicum Component

Steps for Completing a Practicum Course

  1. Identify a practicum course.
  2. Register for the course and submit a Practicum Learning Plan to the practicum team.
  3. Complete and submit a Final Report. Final Reports are due 2 weeks after completion of the practicum experience. Note: If the practicum experience ends during fourth term, the Final Report is due May 1, 2015.

For more information about practicum courses, including the number of credits for each course and prerequisites, visit HERE.

For more information about these courses in general, see the JHSPH course catalog HERE.