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The Office of Public Health Practice & Training

For Students

The following resources are helpful for students to plan, find and complete the required practicum experience.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming practicum-related events at this time. Information on upcoming events will be posted when available; please check back regularly for new updates.

Overview of Practicum Process

  • Practicum Process - describes the overall practicum process for students, including planning, steps for completing the practicum experience, registering for practicum credits, calculating credits for customized practicum experiences.
  • Practicum Examples - provides examples of practicum experiences.

Finding & Completing a Practicum

  • Find a Practicum - describes the various methods of finding a practicum for each type of practicum opportunity (including projects with outside organizations, with JHSPH faculty, and practicum courses).
  • Practicum Courses - lists the various JHSPH courses with an approved practicum component.
  • Practicum Opportunity Site Listings - provides a listing of practicum opportunities that are currently available for JHSPH students. *Students must complete a Practicum Learning Plan to obtain approval of practicum activities, including experiences found on the Practicum Opportunity Site Listings and approved courses with a practicum component.
  • Practicum Linked to Capstone - describes how the MPH practicum requirement may be linked to the MPH Capstone requirement, when appropriate.
  • Practicum Awards - announces the Practicum Award recipients as well as describes the application process for annual practicum awards.


  • Forms and Documents - collection of resources relating to the practicum experience, including the proposal form, educational plan, goals analysis, evaluations, and example timelines.
  • Contact Information - listing of people, offices, and modules that may serve as a resource for students who have additional questions and concerns about the practicum process and requirements.