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The Office of Public Health Practice & Training


The Bloomberg School’s Office of Public Health Practice and Training was established in September 2008, with the appointment of Thomas Burke, PhD, MPH, as the School’s first Associate Dean for Public Health Practice and Training.

Burke’s extensive public health experience in academia and in the New Jersey public health system was ideal preparation for a leadership role promoting the application of research to practice at the School.

The Office of Public Health Practice and Training was founded in response to Burke’s desire to foster interconnectedness among researchers and practitioners. He explained, "If practitioners and academics can successfully work together, we strengthen our research and advance the practice of public health to ultimately improve the health of our communities. At the same time we can enrich our academic training and groom future public health leaders."

Over the last three years, the Office of Public Health Practice and Training, directed by Beth Resnick, MPH, has engaged students and faculty in professional practice and worked closely with the greater practice community.

The office collaborates with other practice-focused entities at the School, including the Student Outreach Resource Center (SOURCE), the MidAtlantic Public Health Training Center (MAPHTC) and the Maryland Association of County Health Officers (MACHO).

In carrying out Burke’s vision, the office strives to improve and advance the skills of the next generation of public health professionals, as well as the current public health workforce, through practice-based courses, training sessions, programs, internships, and other activities in the School, the community, and online that promote interaction and collaboration between the School and the practice community.

The office plans to continue and expand upon these varied initiatives to bridge the gap between research and application.