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Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life

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The Bloomberg School is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is focused on student well-being and diversity.

The Office of Student Life provides services and support to several programs at the Bloomberg School and works diligently to promote an atmosphere that embraces the diverse cultures of our academic community - both here in Baltimore and abroad.

We also sponsor seminars, summer research opportunities and special events to foster an inclusive campus where diversity is valued. We are also prepared to assist minority applicants and students in identifying sources for tuition support.

The Office of Student Life primarily focuses on:

Wellbeing Workshops and Events

  • Oct 24: Unwind your Mind: Meditation and Mindfulness Practice to De-stress your Graduate Experience. Learn simple strategies to help you overcome stressors and promote general well-being. No reservations needed. Room W5030 This event is led by Mary Vincitore, JHSAP Student Program Manager.
  • Nov 3: Managing Stress by Focusing on Dimensions of Wellness, 12:15 pm-1:15 pm, pizza lunch provided, RSVP required. Email . Sponsored by Student Assembly. RSVP Required (email  Presenters: Jessica Harrington (Student Life)  and Mary Vincitore (JHSAP).
  • Nov 10 /Nov 16 (choose one date): Identifying and Cultivating Personal Values, Room W5030 (both dates).
  • Dec 6: Welcome to Year 1: PhD Student Wellbeing, Room W5030
  • Recording Available: Online Students Wellbeing Livetalk Session: Identifying and Making Time for Personal Values


For more information on the events above, contact the Office of Student Life.