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Office of Research Administration

Contacts by Department




Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyMarcy DesantisAnthony Jenkins
BiostatisticsMarcy DesantisJennifer Hopkins
Center for Communication ProgramsArianne MonroeArianne Monroe
EpidemiologyCharles BartunekAnthony Jenkins / Denise Sparks
Environmental Health SciencesCharles BartunekDenise Sparks
Health Behavior & SocietyArianne MonroeJennifer Hopkins
Health Policy & ManagementMarcy DesantisJennifer Hopkins
Institute for Health & Social PolicyJennifer BarronJennifer Hopkins
Mental HealthCharles BartunekJennifer Hopkins
Moleculor Microbiology & ImmunologyMarcy DesantisAnthony Jenkins
Population, Family and Reproductive HealthMarcy DesantisDenise Sparks
School AccountsMarcy DesantisAnthony Jenkins
International Health  
      International Health, Central DepartmentStephen FisherDenise Sparks
     Center for Accelerated Vaccine AccessStephen FisherAnthony Jenkins
     Center for American Indian HealthStephen FisherAnthony Jenkins
     Center for Immunization ResearchStephen FisherDenise Sparks
     Global Disease Epidemiology and ControlStephen FisherDenise Sparks
     Global Research ActivityStephen FisherDenise Sparks
     Health SystemsStephen FisherAnthony Jenkins
     Human NutritionStephen FisherDenise Sparks
     Institute for International ProgramsStephen FisherAnthony Jenkins
     Social & Behavioral InterventionStephen FisherDenise Sparks