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The School's Listserv Policies

Guidelines for Using the Faculty and Staff Listserv

To reduce the number of listserv emails sent to faculty and staff, the Department of Marketing and Communications has instituted a new listserv policy, effective June 13, 2005.

Most memos, notices and reminders will no longer be sent to faculty and staff as individual emails. They will instead be included in the Monday Announcements email. For your message to be included, you must enter it no later than 4 p.m. on the Friday prior to the event.

Individual listserv messages of overriding interest will continue to be sent to faculty and staff. These messages must originate from one of the following sources:

  • the president of Johns Hopkins University
  • the dean and the associate deans of the Bloomberg School
  • Committee on Human Research (CHR)
  • JHSPH Information Systems (IS)
  • Corporate Security Services
  • Office of Facilities Management
  • Office of Communications and Public Affairs
  • Office of Support Services

What Events are Appropriate for Promotion?

  • All events promoted by the Department of Marketing and Communications on the calendar and on the listserv must be sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
  • These announcements must originate with the faculty, staff or students of the School.
  • Events from other University divisions may be announced, provided there is a co-sponsor from the School of Public Health.
  • Only authorized student organizations may promote events on the calendar and send emails via the School of Public Health listserv. An authorized student organization is one that has been officially recognized by the Student Assembly after going through their recognition process. A list of these authorized organizations can be found on the Student Groups Page.
  • Only special events may be promoted. Ongoing, routine meetings may not be promoted because of the volume of such meetings.

Guidelines for Using the Student-l Listserv

Student-l listserv messages must contain information students need or must receive:

  • Business office, student affairs, career center, other school information on courses, garage closings, etc.
  • Messages from the Dean or notices that must go to all persons at the School
  • Occasional messages or other notices thought to be of broad interest and important for all students to hear
  • Surveys to improve the school community, student life and communications.

Information that should not be included in the student-l listserv:

  • Student group events or Student Assembly events other than the prominent Schoolwide events (welcome party, gala, Spring Tonic, etc.).
  • This means no happy-hour messages or entertainments over student-l. All such items are for activities-l.
  • Any event that is already on the public affairs calendar. This includes all grand rounds, seminars, etc.

Special Notes:

  • Almost nothing should ever go out over student-l more than once.
  • The purpose of the listserv is to disseminate important information that students need to know and must read.
  • Students are not allowed to unsubscribe from this listserv. That means that messages on it should be of interest even to students currently studying in China, Spain or elsewhere.
  • The purpose of student-l is not to inform students of events that they might like to attend. It is to inform students of critical information about the School that they have to know.
  • Ask yourself, "Is this something students would like to know about, or is this something students must know about?" If it is the latter, fine. Otherwise use activities-l.

Activities-l: Information Students Want to Know


  • Student assembly events that are smaller than prominent Schoolwide events
  • All student group events, seminars, notices, etc.
  • Grand rounds notices, seminar notices and other items that are already on the Public Affairs calendar but that someone feels like advertising again for a specific reason.
  • Events from other campuses that are sent to the JHSPH from other campuses with the intention of inviting JHSPH students.

Does not include:

  • Items for sale, rent, etc.
  • Students organizing study groups, etc.

Special Notes:

  • Nothing should ever be cross-posted on both activities-l and student-l. There's no need to double post.
  • Every student gets student-l, so if it's important enough for that list then you've already reached everyone. You're only going to annoy them by sending it to activities-l as well.
  • We should not have the same event being posted every day for a week. Once a week, plus the day before or day of as a reminder, is plenty.

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