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Institutional Review Board

The New JHSPH Quality Improvement Program (QIP)

What is QIP?

The Quality Improvement Program (QIP) is committed to providing on-going support and services aimed to update and educate the JHSPH research community of applicable regulations and JHSPH policies and procedures governing the conduct of human subjects research. The QIP staff works closely with each sector of the research community to provide the tools and guidance to help them satisfy the requirements.

How can the QIP help you?

The QIP is a resource dedicated to you, as part of the JHSPH research community. Our staff is available to provide guidance on best practices for conducting a research study, as well as to help address issues and questions that may arise during a study. Our staff is always available to answer quick questions and willing to tailor existing services to meet your study's needs.

The QIP program now makes house calls. If you’re spending sleepless nights wondering if your study records are up to snuff; if you’ve had an IRB issue that you knew needed your attention but just couldn’t bear to deal with it; if you’re new to JHSPH or human subjects research; or if you’d just like help organizing a vast mound of IRB paperwork, a house call from our outreach team might be the cure.

Do you have a question? Call, E-Mail or Stop-in.

We can provide the tools and guidance you may need, including a free regulatory binder to organize important study documents. Contact us to schedule a friendly house call in your office or study center and we’ll write a prescription for your research compliance needs. If we find any thorny problem areas, we’ll help you through the reporting process and with developing a corrective plan. And in a School of Public Health – we all know the value of a little prevention! 

If you would like to request any QIP service, you can e-mail or call our QIP staff anytime. If you would like to ask your question in person, or would like us to review a specific study document, binder, file, etc, you can schedule a meeting. To schedule a house call or phone consultation, send an e-mail to or call 410-502-7781. The New JHSPH Quality Improvement Program (QIP)The New JHSPH Quality Improvement Program (QIP)