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Outstanding teacher, Maria Merritt, Ethics of Public Health Practice in Developing Countries

The JHSPH Human Subject Research Quality Protections Program. 

This program is dedicated to improving both research procedures and subject protections.  We hope to foster responsible and ethical research practices among principal investigators, cultivate collaborative relationships with PIs and the Human Research Protections Program (HRPP), and ensure that all projects approved by the CHRs are in full compliance with all federal regulations, state laws and JHSPH policies and procedures.  Rather than a focus on compliance, JHSPH seeks to promote a “culture of conscience” which is driven by professional-responsibility-taking and responsibility-sharing.

Goals of Program:

  • Foster a culture of ethical research among the entire human research protection program.
  • Cultivate a collaborative relationship with principal investigators, research staff and HRPP in order to promote responsible research practices
  • Ensure that all research carried out by JHSPH investigators is in full compliance with federal and state laws and JHSPH Policies and Procedures.

Quality Assessment – Are we doing what we should be doing?

Quality Assurance – What should we do that we are not doing?

Quality Improvement – How can we improve our outcomes?

Internal Assessment & On-Site Reviews - Every year approximately 20 CHR-approved studies will be selected to be the subject of an internal assessment and review (IA&R) in order to measure the level of compliance with JHSPH policies and procedures and relevant regulations and laws.  Click HERE for an overview of the IA&R process.

Investigator Self-Assessment Program (ISAP) - This program is designed to be a self-audit with an on-line tool available for you to examine the level of compliance of your own studies, in order to prevent or self-correct any instance of non-compliance. 

Regulatory Binder Document - This tool was created to assist investigators in organizing their study documents.

Continuing Education for Researchers - Click HERE for a list of researcher certification programs and continuing education opportunities. 

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Learn About Our Global Projects
Learn About Our Global Projects

Learn About Our Global Projects

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