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Animal Protocol Review – When is it needed?

In any instance when the proposed manipulation of an animal or loss of life of an animal results from the request of an individual, a research protocol must be submitted.

  • Regardless of source of funding - the standards for husbandry, etc., are not dependent on funding source.
  • Regardless of the location of the activities – required whether the activities occur at this institution or any other institution, domestically or abroad.
  • Regardless of ownership of the animals – if animals are owned by another institution with an approved protocol, dual review is not required, but a copy of approved protocol must be submitted to IACUC for tracking purposes.
    • An approved protocol must be obtained when using wild animals if activity involves capturing, sampling, or any other disruption to the animal’s environment.

Examples when a protocol is not needed:

  • Collecting samples in a slaughterhouse -  only AFTER animal has been slaughtered (prior to slaughter requires protocol).
  • Observing animals in the wild with binoculars – no contact with animals or disruption to their environment occurs.
  • Tissue sharing – frozen tissue provided by one investigator does not require the recipient investigator to have an approved protocol.
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