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Outstanding teacher, Sara Johnson, The Social Context of Adolescent Health and Development

Thesis Formatting Requirements – Manuscript Thesis

1. Front Matter

a.  Title page
b.  Abstract
c.  Preface, including acknowledgments
d.  Table of Contents, with titles and page references
e.  List of Tables, with titles and page references
f.   List of Figures, titles and page references
g.  List of Plates, with titles and page references

2. Manuscript thesis content

a.  Manuscripts and/or papers (two to four), linked to the student’s dissertation topic
b.  A chapter which introduces the dissertation topic
c.  A chapter which integrates and discusses the findings reported in the manuscripts.  It should include a discussion of the conclusions of the research, and should make recommendations for further studies
d.  References should be included at the end of each chapter and article
e.  An appendix outlining in detail unpublished study methods and any accompanying data tables necessary to fully understand the data. (optional)

JHU Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

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Learn About Our Global Projects

Learn About Our Global Projects

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